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Welcome to Myorinji Temple!

A temple with a history of over 700 years


Fukujuyama Myorin-ji is a temple of the Nichiren sect with a history of more than 700 years, located in Oiso Town, Kanagawa Prefecture.

It is a very quiet precinct, a 5-minute walk from Oiso Station and a 1-minute walk to Oiso Beach.


We want to be a temple like a water supply station where you can easily drop in during your walk.


The gate is always open.


Welcome to Myorinji Temple.




For the memorial service of the Buddha

Myorin-ji Temple offers various memorial services for the Buddha.


Not only the memorial service for Myorin-ji lay people, but also the mountain gate is open to everyone.


We provide graveyards for ancestors, permanent memorial graves for those who do not have a successor, natural burials such as marine burial at sea, funerals for pets, and graves that will be the basis of your heart. I am.




1582 Oiso, Oiso Town, Naka District, Kanagawa Prefecture

Telephone 0463-61-0749 (Telephone reception 9 am to 5 pm)

FAX 0463-61-8899


・ By train

5-6 minutes walk from Oiso Station on the JR Tokaido Line

・ For buses

1 minute walk from Kanagawa Bus "Fire Station"

・ For automobiles

From the direction of Hiratsuka on National Highway No. 1, enter from the "Akiba Shrine Entrance" signal to the middle of the "Oiso Fire Station" signal, and from the road beside the monthly parking lot on the left side (sea side) (NTT Building on the right side of the national highway).

There is a parking lot behind the main hall where about 20 cars can be parked.

Barrier-free at Myorinji Temple


Myorin-ji aims to be completely barrier-free for people with disabilities.


There are handrails, ramps, and wheelchairs for indoor use in the main hall, and there is a wheelchair-accessible restroom near the parking lot.


In addition, for those who have difficulty getting out of the car, we carry out " drive-through legal affairs " where you can receive legal affairs in the car, and for those who are in the hospital or in the facility, we carry out "online legal affairs ".

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