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Lotus Association

Myorinji Temple "Lotus Society"

"Lotus Society" is a friendship group for the friendship of the people living in the area. Members of the Lotus Association can receive various services such as temple yoga and Myorin-ji medical services, which are limited to the Danish believers of Myorin-ji. Furthermore, if there is any unhappiness in the family after joining, Myorin-ji will award a law number (Dharma name) in the form of "◯◯◯◯ Shinshi" and "◯◯◯◯ Shinjo".


There are no annual membership fees, registration fees, or donations. In addition, information on Myorin-ji events and the Myorin-ji newsletter "Myorin-ji Temple Bulletin" is available only to those who wish.

We apologize for the following, but you cannot join.

・ Those who are judged by the chief priest to be unsuitable as a member in consideration of the priests who have graves in other temples, public order and morals, etc.

To enroll in "Lotus Society", please use this form, phone, or fax.

We will reply to the form by Gmail, so if you have set the junk mail filter, please set it so that you can receive Gmail.

If you do not receive a reply to your inquiry in the form within a week, please call us.

Lotus Association Enrollment Form
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