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For pets in Kanagawa prefecture

Funeral, cremation, grave, permanent memorial service

Religious corporation Myorinji

1582 Oiso, Oiso Town, Naka District, Kanagawa Prefecture

Phone number 0463-61-0749

Funeral for pets Cremation grave

Myorinji pet burial

A heartfelt funeral for animals, just like humans

The pets that live with us are important family members.

At the last departure of the pets who are members of the family, I couldn't do anything and regretted.

We accept such consultation.

At Myorin-ji, we believe that a heartfelt funeral is necessary for pets to leave.

It's not just for pets ... but also for bereaved families.


A funeral for pets that does not replace human funerals


I want to say "Thank you so far" to the pets I have lived with for many years.

I want to say goodbye to my pet who was a member of my family.

At "Myorin-ji Pet Funeral," we sincerely support the departure of pets who were members of an important family.

We perform funerals, cremations, bones, and memorial services.

Funeral + cremation + bone-laying plan


We perform funerals, cremations, bone laying, and memorial services for pets who were members of an important family.

We perform a heartfelt pet burial that is no different from the funeral, cremation, and bone-laying that is performed when a human dies.

I want to do the best for the souls of my beloved pet.

I want to have a funeral with gratitude for my pet.

I don't know the procedure such as cremation and bone laying, so I want to leave everything to an expert.

It is a plan for the above people.

Myorin-ji is responsible for everything from funerals and cremations for pets, to burial to pet graves, to permanent memorial services.

~ Plan flow ~

① Pet dies ② Inquiries ③ Visit temple on funeral day ④ Funeral ⑤ Cremation ceremony ⑥ Place the ashes at home ⑦ 49 days after the cremation ⑧ Bone laying memorial ⑨ Bone laying and permanent memorial service

~ What is included in the plan ~

・ Flower altar

・ Funeral offering

・ Cremation fee

・ Urn

・ Forty-ninth day memorial service

・ Bone payment to pet grave

・ Bone-feeding memorial service

・ Permanent memorial service fee

80,000 ~

Funeral + cremation plan


Funerals and cremations will be held for pets who were members of an important family.

This plan is for those who want to have a funeral and cremation for their beloved pet, but want to keep their remains at home or in another pet reien.

I want to have a funeral with gratitude for my beloved pet.

I want to put the ashes at home and make a memorial service.

I'm wondering where to put the ashes.

It is a plan for the above people.

Myorin-ji Temple, one of the few temples that holds funerals for animals, will take responsibility for the memorial service.

~ Plan flow ~

① Pet dies ② Inquiry ③ Visit temple on funeral day ④ Funeral ⑤ Cremation ceremony ⑥ Take away your remains

~ What is included in the plan ~

・ Flower altar

・ Funeral offering

・ Cremation fee

・ Urn

60,000 ~

Bone plan


This plan is for those who have already cremated and just want to lay their bones in the pet graveyard.

After performing the memorial service for bone laying, we will lay bones at the pet grave of Myorin-ji Temple.

I have a pet's remains at home and am worried about where to put it.

I am not confident that I will protect the remains of my pet in the future.

I would like to ask for a permanent memorial service for pets at the temple.

It is a plan for the above people.

Myorin-ji is responsible for providing memorial services for pets for many generations.

~ Plan flow ~

① Inquiries ② Bone laying method ③ Bone laying and permanent memorial service

~ What is included in the plan ~

・ Bone payment to pet grave

・ Bone-feeding memorial service

・ Permanent memorial service fee

From 30,000 yen

Flow of 3 types of plans

大磯 ペット  墓

* It is also possible to deliver bones to the pet graveyard immediately after cremation.

* It is possible to cremate the remains of other people to the pet graveyard.


* Only the cremated bones can be delivered to the pet grave. Corpses that have not been cremated cannot be buried.

For pets that can only be found in temples

Ending ceremony

It is said that humans become Buddhahood, that is, Buddha, 49 days after they pass away.

So what happens to animals such as dogs and cats after their death?


One of the sutras that Buddhist ancestor Shaka-sama preached, "Myoho Lotus Sutra," is said to be the culmination of Buddhist teachings among many Buddhist scriptures, and consists of chapters 1 to 28. increase.



It is said in the "Lotus Sutra" that each and every one of us can become a Buddha, and that every person has a Buddha-nature, that is, a Buddha's heart.


Not just humans.


There is a "heart of the Buddha" in all living things, including animals, plants, and the earth.


And "Myoho Lotus Sutra" explains that all living things can be made into Buddhahood.


So that deceased pets can be happy in the next world


At Myorin-ji Temple, we hold a funeral with all our hearts for the Buddhahood, souls, and memorial services of pets who are members of a family that has passed away.


Regardless of religion or denomination, we will hold a memorial service in a Buddhist style.

Your beloved pet will die and you will be so sad that you will be wondering what to do.

But as the owner's last task, let's see it off.

If your pet dies, pull up a bath towel and lay it down.


The corpse will begin to stiffen about two hours after you die, so close your eyes and mouth and gently bend your legs before stiffening.


After death, body fluids may come out from the mouth and anus, so it is recommended to stuff cotton wool or tissue into the mouth and anus.


Bodily fluids may seep out, so lay a pet sheet underneath. ..

Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, put ice in an ice pack or vinyl, and apply it to your abdomen and hips to prevent damage to your body as much as possible.


If you apply dry ice directly, it may freeze, so wrap it in a towel and apply it.


In the summer, we recommend using an air conditioner to lower the room temperature to the bottom.

When you are ready to keep it cool, please contact "Pet Funeral at Myorinji Temple".


Calls are accepted from 9:00 to 17:00 0463-61-0749


We accept inquiries by email form 24 hours a day.

When an important pet dies

We also accept night funerals and cremations

● Cannot take cold insulation measures

● I don't want to see the body damaged

● I want to cremate as soon as possible


For these people, Myorin-ji also offers funerals, cremations, and bones at night.

It is also possible to perform a funeral, cremation, and bone-laying on the night of the day the pet died.


* Flower altars may not be available for funerals outside the flower shop's business hours. In that case, the flower fee will be deducted from your payment.

Pet mortuary tablet with soul

● I want to be with my pet who has left

● I want a soulful and memorable item

● I want to feel the warmth of my pet nearby forever


Myorin-ji's pet mortuary tablet is a new base for such people.


Myowatera of pet memorial tablets are Myowatera priest (put the soul of died pet) eye-opening memorial service and put all my heart to have.

Myorin-ji's pet mortuary tablets are not just memorable goods, but a new form of partner with the soul of a deceased pet.


* Everything is handmade one by one, and the [eye opening method] is done, so it takes about a month to complete.

* Myorinji pet mortuary tablets cannot be mass-produced. Only available to users of "Myorin-ji Pet Funeral". We do not sell only mortuary tablets.

Myorin-ji is also a temple specializing in marine scatter burial at sea

A 1-minute walk from the Shonan Sea, Myorin-ji has a long history of offering memorial services for the Buddha who died in the Shonan Sea.

To your memorial service at sea your remains of the deceased Buddha in Myowatera " ocean ash scattering Suiso we are."

The chief priest of Myorin-ji, a first-class ship operator, will steer the ship himself and perform a marine scatter burial at sea.


For those who want to return their pet's ashes to the great circulation of nature instead of burying them in a grave, we perform marine burial at sea for pets.


The burial at sea fee will be the same as the cost of the burial at sea.

If you cannot bring your ashes, you can send them.

If you have completed cremation and live far away, or if you are physically handicapped and cannot bring your pet's ashes directly to the temple, send the ashes to the pet grave. It is also possible.

After applying, we will send you a bone transfer set from "Myorinji Pet Funeral".


It is possible to put the ashes in a bone-feeding box and mail it to Myorin-ji Temple.


Bone transfer costs are free.


We accept ashes by mail from all over the country.

~ Myorinji Temple and Doggy ~

The former and current priests of Myorin-ji are big dog lovers.

There are many dogs in the temple.

The grave of Kaiser, the former priest's dog, Great Dane, is in the precincts.

There is a dog run in the temple grounds, which is used by Danish believers and local residents.

For those who want to do a memorial service at the main hall of the temple with their pet, there is a cage in the main hall where you can do the memorial service with your pet.


Many dogs and cats who were watching over Myorin-ji are sleeping in the pet grave of Myorin-ji.


It is a pet memorial temple recommended by many pet shops and veterinarian teachers.

Shonan, Kanagawa Prefecture A temple with a history of more than 700 years

Fukujuyama Myorinji Temple

Fukujuyama Myorin-ji is a temple with a history of more than 700 years located in Oiso Town, Kanagawa Prefecture.

"Myorin-ji Shonan Marine Memorial" is run by Myorin-ji.


It is a very quiet precinct, 5 minutes walk from Oiso station and 1 minute walk to Oiso beach.


It is a temple with a long history of performing memorial services for Buddhas who died in the sea, praying for maritime safety for those who work in the sea, and burial at sea.

Instead of a funeral company, a temple has invented a "temple funeral " in which the funeral is led, and we offer low-priced but prestigious funerals to everyone.


There are free temple yoga lessons for the locals and a medical facility attached to the temple where you can receive treatment at a low cost.


The gate is always open.


Please come anytime.


Click here for details



1582 Oiso, Oiso Town, Naka District, Kanagawa Prefecture

Phone 0463-61-0749

FAX 0463-61-8899

・ By train

5-6 minutes walk from Oiso Station on the JR Tokaido Line


・ For buses

1 minute walk from Kanagawa Bus "Fire Station"

・ For automobiles

From the direction of Hiratsuka on National Highway No. 1, between the "Akiba Shrine Entrance" signal and the "Oiso Fire Station" signal,

Enter from the road beside the monthly parking lot on the left side (sea side) (NTT Building on the right side of the national highway).

There is a parking lot behind the main hall where about 20 cars can be parked.

Barrier-free at Myorinji Temple


Myorin-ji aims to be completely barrier-free for people with disabilities.


There are handrails, ramps, and wheelchairs for indoor use in the main hall, and there is a wheelchair-accessible restroom near the parking lot.


In addition, for those who have difficulty getting out of the car, we carry out " drive-through legal affairs " where you can receive legal affairs in the car, and for those who are in the hospital or in the facility, we carry out "online legal affairs ".

Religious corporation Nichiren sect Myorinji Temple

1582 Oiso, Oiso-machi, Naka-gun, Kanagawa 255-0003

TEL 0463-61-0749

FAX 0463-61-8899

Telephone reception 9:00 am to 17:00 pm

Copyright © Myorinji, All rights reserved.

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