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Myorin-ji Temple Buddha Club

Adult club activities

"Myorin-ji Temple Buddha Club"

Shabutsu is a Buddhist practice that depicts the appearance of a wide variety of Buddhist gods.


Based on the model Buddha, I will copy it with a pen, brush pen, brush or paint.

The Buddhist buddha club at Myorin-ji offers irregular buddha lessons that can be enjoyed by people who have no imagination and who have experience in buddha.

If the Buddha is copied, we will dedicate a part of it to Myorin-ji Temple and pray for it.

For Buddhist training, hobbies, relaxation, and relationships with Buddhist friends, please come to Myorin-ji's Buddhist class.

Beginner classroom

This is a Buddhist photography class for those who have no artistic spirit.

Anyone can copy the Buddha because it is a copy of the sketch using a pen or a brush pen.

Intermediate classroom

This is a classroom for those who have a certain sense of art.

It is a copy of Buddha that is copied while looking at the Buddhist painting with a brush pen or a brush.

Advanced classroom

This is a classroom for those who have experienced copying Buddha.

With a brush, I will copy the Buddha while looking at the Buddha statue.

Photo Buddha Memorial

Participants in the Buddhist priest's club will be given a commemorative red stamp, which is handwritten by the chief priest.

It will be a written red stamp only for participants in the Buddhist photography class.


The content of the red stamp will be the content of the lesson of that time.


* The commemorative red stamp can only be written down. It is not written directly on the red stamp book .


Myorin-ji Temple Buddha Club


Myorinji main hall


Anyone can participate

Director of the Shabutsu Department

Myorinji priest

event date


(We will inform you on our website)

Lesson time

Around 1 hour

Reservation method

First-come-first-served basis on the reservation form


Beginner classroom: pen

Intermediate classroom: Brush pen

Advanced classroom: Calligraphy tools


5-10 people


Feelings to the money box

Next Buddhist class


to be decided

Efforts of Myorinji Temple

It is said that about one in seven children under the age of 17 living in Japan are in financial difficulty.

The future of children is the future of Japan.

It is the children of today who will support Japan in the future.

Poverty should never close a child's future potential.

Myorin-ji will donate a part of the donation to the "Children's Future Support Fund " for the future of Japan for children who are having a hard time due to poverty.


Myorin-ji Temple Buddha Club


If you would like to participate in the Buddhist photography class, please make a reservation using this reservation form.

We do not accept reservations by email or phone.

Due to legal affairs, we may change your reservation.
In such a case, we will contact you in advance.

Reservations will be accepted from midnight 30 days before .

The deadline for accepting reservations is 0:00 three days in advance .

~Waiting list~

When the capacity is reached, it will be "waiting for cancellation".

In the reservation frame "Even if there is "0 remaining", you will receive an email notification as a confirmation of your reservation when cancellation occurs by accepting "waiting for cancellation".

Click here if the reservation form is not available on your browser

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