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Buddhist affairs exclusively for the night

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~ "Night Only" Buddhist affairs at Myorinji Temple ~

At Myorin-ji, we are happy to accept " night-only Buddhist rituals " for those who have difficulty in receiving Buddhist rituals during the day or at work.

Night affairs


Night prayer

Night prayer

If you would like to have Buddhist affairs, please make a reservation in advance.

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Myorinji Temple

"Funeral at night"

 ~ I can't have a funeral during the day ~

~ I want to do all the events at night ~

~ Can only be gathered at night ~

For the bereaved families who cannot attend the funeral during the day for various reasons, Myorin-ji Temple accepts a " night funeral ".

The usual funeral is to go to night and have a funeral and cremation in the morning of the next day.

Or, in the case of "one-day funeral", the funeral and cremation in the morning are performed without going to the night.

However, as life is diversifying, it is difficult for some people to perform Buddhist affairs during the day.

For such people, Myorin-ji Temple holds a "night commute" and a "funeral" at night, and a "night funeral" where the cremation is performed on behalf of the next day.

At the "Funeral at Night" at Myorin-ji Temple, even the bereaved family who cannot attend the Buddhist affairs between Japan and China for various reasons can send the deceased generously.

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