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Myorin-ji Enja

Takeo Saito, President of Myorin-ji Temple

When I was a kid, Myorin-ji was taken by my grandmother to visit the grave once a month. I only visited the grave while listening to "Today is the anniversary of everyone's death" and "This is the grave of my relatives". After my father's funeral, I was informed that the succession ceremony will be held from the previous generation, and the ceremony was held.


Currently, I am keenly aware of the weight of the president, as he is playing a major role. The situation surrounding the temple is inevitably affected by the nuclear family, lifestyle changes, aging and declining birthrate, and I think it is essential to take measures with these in mind.


Since ancient times, the temple and the Dan family have a history of coexistence and co-prosperity, and I think this relationship is because it was a temple where Danish believers could easily come. It can be seen that the current priest has already started drawing the temple in the future. I think that temple yoga and the opening of a treatment center are part of that.


Shiro Yukawa, Director of Myorinji Osteopathic Institute

It all started when the chief priest asked me to serve as the director of the Myorinji Osteopathic Hospital, which opened in 2016, to improve the health of the Danish believers. I am very happy to be able to completely renew the treatment center used by the previous priest.


Although it is a private matter, I had the chief priest rigorously train the wedding ceremony in front of the Buddha at the main hall of Myorinji Temple. After that, I became a believer in Myorin-ji Temple and am currently studying sutras and Buddhism.

We will help the priests often say, "A temple for the health and welfare of local residents as well as the Danish believers, who can heal the spirit at the main hall and the body at the osteopathic clinic."

Myorinji Temple Danke Sadayuki Ueki

Originally from Fukuoka, I have lived in Oiso for more than 40 years for work. The problem was the ancestral tomb in Fukuoka. I happened to have a connection and went to see the graveyard of Myorin-ji Temple, and found out the friendly personality of the former priest, and decided to become the Dan family of Myorin-ji Temple. In order to secure space for my wife and my wife, I decided to put only my parents' urns in the new graveyard and have the remaining ancestral urns put in the permanent memorial tomb "Tensei Mausoleum" in the precincts. .. This solved the grave problem I was worried about.


I was worried about what happened to Myorin-ji Temple after the death of the previous priest, but I am glad that the current priest quickly succeeded and became a good priest. In addition, I feel the desire to develop Myorin-ji Temple by launching a color different from that of its predecessor.


Myorinji believer Kazuhiro Kawata

My grandmother passed away at the age of 94 in August 2015, and my father died at the age of 64 in March of the following year. Originally, my family was the Dan family of the Nichiren sect temple in Yokohama, but there were many things I couldn't understand about the exorbitant offerings and the idea of the priest of the temple, and my grandmother died when I just left the temple. When I consulted with the current priest of Myorin-ji about the problems of my relatives and family at the funeral, I was asked to have a funeral at Myorin-ji. I asked my family to listen to my grandmother's personality, etc., and gave me a wonderful Dharma name and explained the meaning carefully. I think my grandmother, who died after having a funeral at Myorin-ji, is relieved.

My father died of cancer as if he was chasing after his grandmother, and he was also taken care of by the priest at that time. I thought that giving back to the chief priest and Myorin-ji would be a memorial service for my grandmother and father, so I became a believer in Myorin-ji.

Kannon Church Master Masayasu Kachi

I became a monk after the age of thirty. Until then, I was worried about what religion was and what my heart was, and when I heard rumors that there were great religions, I went anywhere in Japan, met various people, taught me, and practiced myself. I was just doing things like wandering with the intention of.


Based on the experience cultivated by the chief priest through training, the Segaki Buddhist memorial service (Obon festival) of Myorin-ji, which reviewed the ideal way of the Buddhist memorial service from the beginning, puts the teachings of the Buddha on the "sound" of the statement and strictly and solemnly. And, it is very educational and stimulating because it is based on delivering a sincere reading of sutras to Buddha and the deceased spirits and giving a memorial service. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the priest who always supports me from the shadows, who is inexperienced as a priest. 


Myorinji Temple Yoga Instructor Natsuko Yamamoto


I decided to start a cafe in Oiso-cho, but it was a 2-3 minute walk from Myorin-ji Temple, and the chief priest was at the temple to improve health for Danish people and local residents. The fact that you wanted to start gymnastics, and that the priest sympathized with my activity theme, "Fusion of Oriental medicine and Western medicine" ... Looking back, there were many coincidences and resonances. I will start temple yoga at Myorin-ji.


Everyone is very happy to be able to do yoga lessons at the temple. The yoga performed at the temple and at the main hall is exceptional. Both the participants and the instructors feel that they are having a calm time. We hope that many people will come across yoga, feel various awareness, and become healthy.

Myorinji Temple Danya Akihiro Yaguchi


The connection with Myorin-ji was the introduction of a relative who lived in Oiso to build the tomb of his grandparents. When I was in elementary school, I was taken care of by my relatives in Oiso every summer vacation for more than half a month. I have stayed at Myorin-ji Temple with my classmates and more than 10 parents for the second and third years of elementary school. Since I was young, I had a lot of noise all night, and I was angry with the priests of the previous generation (laughs).


In a world where the birthrate is declining and the population is aging, the number of temples is decreasing, and the current priests are lowering the threshold of temples with various epoch-making ideas. No other temple is working so far on improving the health and welfare of the Danish believers. I am proud to be the Dan family of Myorinji Temple.


Myorinji Temple Tribe Jun Kumazawa


He is the older brother of the current priest of Myorin-ji Temple and is currently working as a general manager at the online shopping "Amazon". Now, my younger brother, the current priest, has successfully succeeded the temple, maintained the temple, and is implementing new trials such as medical facilities attached to the temple and temple yoga, which were not found in the generation of his father, who was his predecessor. Looking at it, I feel that it inherits the blood of its predecessor father.


I rarely appear on the front stage, but as a clerk at Myorin-ji, I am in charge of various behind-the-scenes work. In particular, I am in charge of IT-related work at temples, and I am helping to make Myorin-ji IT. Although it is a modest effort, I would like to continue to support the priests behind the scenes and support Myorin-ji Temple.

Hidekatsu Takashima, in charge of burial at Myorinji Temple


Originally I worked as a full-time employee of a funeral company, but I had regrets and doubts about the expensive funeral fees of my grandmother's funeral. Having doubts about his own funeral experience and the high cost of funerals for the benefit of the funeral company, he became independent in the first year of Reiwa and launched "Takatsuki Sosen".


It seems that the chief priest of Myorin-ji was also skeptical about the high funeral costs of the funeral company, and he was studying what the funeral should be for the Danish believers. After receiving a connection with the priest and asking, "Is it possible to have a heartfelt funeral that is wasteful and does not cost unnecessary because it is a Danish believer?" have become. Please use the prestigious "Myorin-ji Funeral" at a low cost.


Myorin- ji priest, Tatsuki Kumazawa


I grew up in the United States from an early age because of my father's overseas mission. After studying medicine at an American university, I studied medicine in various countries, and even after returning to Japan, I studied medicine and worked as a medical professional. My father, who was the former chief priest of Myorin-ji, was transferred (the death of a monk), and he will be the 70th chief priest of Myorin-ji.


The mountain number of Myorin-ji is "Mt. Fukuju". In other words, it is a temple where "fortune" gathers. Myorin-ji's priest's wish is to deliver "fortune" to all those who have a connection with Myorin-ji.

I am working hard every day so that I can receive the words, "I am glad I met Myorin-ji Temple." We look forward to your visit.

Myorinji Temple Danya Narita Wakako


When I was 45 years old, my husband got cancer and had been fighting illness for 3 years and 6 months. At that time, I was hoping for a grave in Oiso, but I have a connection with Myorin-ji, and I am still here. I still remember how many times my heart was saved by the guidance of my predecessor priest.


My husband was the eldest son and was a memorial service for his ancestors, but when he died, I and my brother's brothers quarreled. When I said to my mother, "I don't like being involved, I want to return my ancestors to my second son," she said, "What are you talking about? Your ancestors are treasures." I woke up.

We will continue to believe in the support and teaching of those around us so that we can continue to live on the right path.

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Umihide Imayoshi, chief priest of Mogamiji Temple


Due to the relationship, I became a disciple of the predecessor of Myorin-ji Temple and decided to put myself in the monk's register. In April 1991, I was appointed as the chief priest of Saijoji Temple in Yugawara, and at the time of the entrance ceremony, the general caretaker of Myorinji Temple and the Danish believers also rushed in. After that, at the order of his master, he was assigned to work at Motoyama Ryuko-ji Temple together with the former chief priest of Myorin-ji Temple, who is also a brother and disciple, and will work for nine years.


Suddenly, the predecessor of Myorin-ji was transformed (the death of a monk). Since the current priest who is the son of the priest will be succeeded, I thought that I had to do it here as my predecessor brother and disciple, and like the predecessor of the former master Myorinji, I too I will do my best to assist the new priest.

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