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Adult terakoya


Myorinji Temple

Adult terakoya


Myorin-ji holds various lessons for adults on an irregular basis.

Classes that can only be done at a temple are held at the main hall of Myowa-ji Temple, such as copying sutras, copying Buddha, zazen, petit training, making Buddhist tools such as mortuary tablets, making red stamps and making beads.

Anyone can participate in the "Adult Terakoya" at Myorin-ji Temple.

Reservations are accepted using the reservation form.

We look forward to your participation.


  Myorinji Sutra-copying Department

Copying sutras is a practice of copying the teachings that Shaka-sama preached, character by character.


It is said that copying sutras has a relaxation effect and an effect of improving concentration. It is said that by calming the mind and working on the sutras with all one's heart, you can concentrate your mind and body, eliminate your worries, and eventually get peace of mind.

There is also a sutra-copying paper that simply traces the thinly written sutras, so even beginners can copy sutras with confidence.


  Myorin-ji Temple Buddha Club


Shabutsu is a Buddhist practice that depicts the appearance of a wide variety of Buddhist gods.


Based on the model Buddha, I will copy it with a pen, brush pen, brush or paint.

The Buddhist buddha club at Myorin-ji offers irregular buddha lessons that can be enjoyed by people who have no imagination and who have experience in buddha.

For Buddhist training, hobbies, relaxation, and relationships with Buddhist friends, please come to Myorin-ji's Buddhist class.


  Making beads



"Japala" is a legal tool used for Buddhist affairs.

We hold irregular workshops on beads made from various natural stones that the chief priest has obtained all over the world.

Why don't you make only one bead at Myorin-ji in the world where the various gods who are your guardian deities live?


Goshuin book making



The red stamp is given to worshipers upon request as a proof of faith and worship.

A red stamp book is required to award the red stamp.

At Myorin-ji's "Goshuin-cho making workshop", you can choose your favorite design from a number of Japanese papers and make your own original Goshuin-cho from scratch. If you wish, the chief priest will write the red stamp of Myorin-ji on the red stamp book.

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