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Online prayer

Online prayer

We are always accepting prayers and prayers.


There is a saying, "I will do my best to wait for my destiny." The meaning of this word is to make every effort and leave the rest to the gods and Buddha. The big trouble is the small trouble, and the small trouble is safe. Prayer for traffic safety, physical health, family safety, good luck, etc. is a memorial service to turn your destiny in the right direction.

For those who have difficulty visiting the temple, we have prepared a free online prayer video.

The prayer video is meaningless just to watch.

You can receive the blessings of the various gods of heaven and your own ancestors by praying for the fulfillment of various wishes while reading the Myorinji Nobuyuki Guidelines along with the video.


General prayer

Pray for healing of this disease

Apotropaic prayer

Pray for easy delivery




"No matter what I do, it doesn't work"


"I'm worried about relationships"


"Bad relationship" may be the cause

In Buddhism, " marriage " is the most important thing.

However, sometimes and in some cases, this " edge " becomes an " obstacle " (touch) and can hurt people.

The "bad ties " of living and dead spirits that are your " obstacle ".


Secret strange "divorce prayer" of Myowatera seven hundred years cut off the "evil destiny" invisible to the eye, is a prayer that can not be received only in Myowatera.

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