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Myorinji Sutra-copying Department


Adult club activities

"Myorin-ji Temple Buddha Club"

Copying sutras is a practice of copying the teachings that Shaka-sama preached, character by character.

In the "Lotus Sutra", "Shinryokuhin No. 21", it is stated that "If you take charge of this sutra, read it, explain it, copy it, and practice it according to the theory, you will often fulfill your ambition."


Furthermore, it is said that copying sutras has a relaxation effect and an effect of improving concentration. It is said that by calming the mind and working on the sutras with all one's heart, you can concentrate your mind and body, eliminate your worries, and eventually get peace of mind.

The sutra-copying time is 1-2 hours.

You can copy the sutras at once while concentrating, or you can copy the sutras with frequent breaks, or you can copy the sutras at your own pace.

For Buddhist training, hobbies, relaxation, and relationships with sutra-copying friends, please come and experience the sutra-copying experience at Myorin-ji Temple.


Myorinji sutra-copying experience


Myorinji main hall


Anyone can participate

Sutra-copying department manager

Myorinji priest

event date


(We will inform you on our website)

Time required

1-2 hours

Reservation method

First-come-first-served basis on the reservation form


Brush pen or calligraphy tool

* Can be rented


5-10 people

Entry fee

3,000 yen

Efforts of Myorinji Temple

It is said that about one in seven children under the age of 17 living in Japan are in financial difficulty.

The future of children is the future of Japan.

It is the children of today who will support Japan in the future.

Poverty should never close a child's future potential.

Myorin-ji will donate a part of the participation fee to the "Children's Future Support Fund " for the future of Japan for children who are having a hard time due to poverty.

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