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Omakase Buddhist affairs


The Buddhist affairs you really need

Do you know what it is?

Buddhism guides and saves people in various ways.

~ Buddhist memorial service ~

~ Prayer ~


~ Amulet ~

~Life counseling~

~ Fortune-telling ~

~ Training ~

However, it is unclear which Buddhist affairs best suits "the present self."

"Random Buddhist memorial service" of Myowatera is an expert in Buddhist memorial service Myowatera priest is to analyze your worries, it will help your worries resolved in the most suitable way to "Now you".


Buddhist affairs alone

Not all can be solved

"I have a heavy back because I have been obsessed with bad spirits for many years."

A person who complained came to the temple.

After hearing various stories from the chief priest , it was found that this was not caused by evil spirits, but by "gastric ulcer".

As a result, the symptoms disappeared when I went to the hospital instead of purifying.


All worries cannot be solved by Buddhist affairs alone.

A priest who is an active medical professional will help you solve your problems in the way that suits you best.

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