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Legal affairs

A Buddhist event is a Buddhist event to pray for the deceased's soul and to hold a memorial service.

At Myorin-ji Temple, the rituals of the general public, who are not Danya, are also accepted according to the Nichiren sect.

Most of the litigation is done during the day, but there is no rule that the litigation is not done at night, so we also accept the litigation at night. If you can't do the daytime affairs at work, let's do the affairs at night.


For reservations, please fill out and send the reservation form, call, fax, mail or bring it directly to the mountain.

Prayer prayer

We are always accepting prayers and prayers.


There is a saying, "I will do my best to wait for my destiny." The meaning of this word is to make every effort and leave the rest to the gods and Buddha. The big trouble is the small trouble, and the small trouble is safe. Prayer for traffic safety, physical health, family safety, good luck, etc. is a memorial service to turn your destiny in the right direction.

The main prayer of this mountain is Inari-sama (the highest sutra king Bodhisattva). It is one of the few temples where you can receive the Saijo Inari prayer.

For reservations, please fill in and send the reservation form or call us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. It doesn't matter what denomination or denomination.


The title is given to worshipers upon request as a proof of faith and worship. If you are looking for a worshiper, please bring your title book and red stamp book.


Bishamonten statue, which was made by Saicho Daishi, is enshrined on this mountain. This Bishamonten statue is said to be the guardian deity of prosperous business, "Oiso Kaiun Bishamonten". The red seal of Myorin-ji is said to have the benefit of good luck with the theme of "Oiso Kaiun Bishamonten".


If you are absent from the priest, please come and visit us anytime as there is a memorandum.


* The red title and red stamp are not stamp rallies. After worshiping with a firm faith, it will be awarded as a proof.

Myorin-ji Temple Congregation System

A "Dan family" is like a member of a temple, and refers to a house that has the right to use the graveyard and receive a memorial service for ancestors. To become a Myorin-ji temple, you need to have a grave at the Myorin-ji graveyard.

A "belief" is a person who believes in the teachings of the Nichiren sect and Myorin-ji and belongs to Myorin-ji. In order to become a believer in Myorin-ji, it is necessary to attend the "Shinkokai" held on the first Sunday of every month, the "Higan Hosho" twice a year, and the "Segaki Hosho" in the summer for at least one year. there is.

The Myorin-ji Temple Bulletin, which is issued four times a year, and the New Year's bills will be distributed free of charge to the Myorin-ji Buddhist believers. In addition, you can also receive free Myorin-ji welfare services such as temple yoga and gymnastics classes, which are limited to Myorin-ji members. Myorin-ji medical facilities also provide medical services for Myorin-ji lay people.

Myorinji Tomb Garden

The graveyard of Myorin-ji Temple, which has a history of more than 700 years, has a flat terrain and you can visit with confidence even in a wheelchair.


It is a very quiet graveyard, 5 minutes walk from Oiso station and 1 minute walk to Oiso beach.


Even at night, the precincts are brightly lit and you can visit 24 hours a day. Night

Currently, the graveyard is limited, so we cannot provide the graveyard to all those who wish.

Currently, we are offering the Myorin-ji Tomb Garden only to those who have been introduced by the Myorin-ji Danish believers or who have been approved by the chief priest.

In addition, the Myorin-ji Tomb Garden will be provided only to the three families a year.

Eternal memorial tomb Tensei Mausoleum

1 minute walk from Oiso Beach.


A permanent memorial tomb surrounded by greenery in Shonan, Kanagawa Prefecture.


There is no need to change the sect or become a temple house.


A permanent memorial tomb that anyone can use .


That is the Tensei Mausoleum.


Permanent memorial service  Ossuary "Kannon-do"

The ossuary "Kannon-do" is watched over by Myorin-ji Kannon.

As a mortuary for the remains, it is a ossuary that holds the remains of many people as well as the Danish believers of Myorin-ji Temple.

Those who do not have a grave, those who want to keep the ashes in the main hall as a mortuary until the grave is built, those who can not put the ashes at home, those who do not have a heir, those who want to have the ashes memorialized every day , It is used by various people.

Myorinji pet burial  Pet funeral, cremation, burial

According to Shaka-sama's teaching, all living things have life, and there is no upper and lower gap in that life, and it is said that they are equal. Of course, the same goes for my beloved pets who are members of the family. At our mountain, we will hold a pet memorial service to send the end of that important life with the whole family.

From funerals for pets, cremations, to burials in graves, we offer a memorial service that is no different from humans.

It doesn't matter what denomination or denomination.

Myorin-ji Buddhist wedding ceremony

The Buddhist wedding ceremony is based on the Buddhist teaching that once you get married, you will be connected to the afterlife, and the bride and groom pledge their ties to the afterlife in front of the Buddha. In addition, it is a ceremony to thank the Buddha for the meeting of the two by reporting the marriage to their ancestors.

Dodge the couple's vows in front of the principal image, exchange beads, and dodge sake cups.


At Myorin-ji Temple, various Buddhist altar ceremonies are held, from a simple Buddhist altar ceremony performed only by the chief priest, to a grand ceremony inviting a gagaku master.

Marine scatter  ~ Myorinji Shonan Marine Memorial ~

Myorin-ji is the closest temple to the sea in the Shonan area.

It is a temple with a long history of performing memorial services for Buddhas who died in the sea, praying for maritime safety for those who work in the sea, and burial at sea.


The chief priest of Myorin-ji, a first-class ship operator, steers himself and holds a memorial service to the ocean.


During the spring and autumn equinox period (7 days including the three days before and after the spring and autumn equinox days), the equinox memorial service for the Buddha who died in the Shonan sea is on the Shonan sea. I am doing it at.

Designer's Buddhist Bhikkhu for Monks

Myorin-ji Temple makes Buddhist altars for monks.


At the time of the memorial service, I often thought, "I wish I had such a Buddhist tool at such a time," and it was the Buddhist tool of Myorindo that took shape.

An unprecedented Buddhist tool that emphasizes not only functionality but also appearance and usability. All are handmade by the chief priest of Myorinji Temple. The functional and stylish Myorin-ji Buddhist altar made in the main hall of Myorin-ji will create a wonderful memorial service.


Myorinji Temple "Temple Gacha"

As part of the "Enjoy Temple Project" at Myorin-ji Temple, we are preparing various goods prayed at Myorin-ji Temple with "Gacha Gacha".


The "Temple Gacha" near the well contains the Buddha statue and Inari-sama's mascot, which I prayed for at Myorin-ji Temple.

The "Temple Gacha" in front of the main hall mainly contains fortune-telling and amulets.

Many items will end as soon as they are sold out, so please visit the temple gacha.


In recent years, funerals held at funeral halls have become commonplace, but I hear people say that funeral expenses are higher than expected and they could not be held with peace of mind.

Therefore, Myorin-ji opened the main hall of Myorin-ji as a venue for commuting and funerals, and devised a plan for commuting and funerals that can be "safe" at low cost.

The priest and professional staff will manage all of the Myorin-ji funeral. Unlike general funeral companies, the temple operates with the highest priority given to the convenience of users, so the cost of setting up a funeral for the night can be done with peace of mind at the lowest cost.

A set plan that includes things that you don't need, and a funeral fee that was expensive if you noticed that the story went on as it was being swept away. In order to return to, Myorin-ji launched the "Funeral of Myorin-ji" with the bereaved family and the Buddha in mind.

I think that the Buddha also wants a prestigious funeral at the main hall of the temple from the ceremony hall. Have a prestigious funeral at the main hall of Myorinji Temple, which has a history of more than 700 years and is traditional.


Boil up

At Myorin-ji Temple, we bake amulets, bills, and Buddhist altar fittings that were awarded at Myorin-ji Temple.

The heating box is installed in front of the main hall.

There is no expiration date for amulets and bills, but please return them to Myorin-ji Temple within a year after the amulet is awarded.

We would like to express our gratitude for the amulets and bills that protect our families and fulfill our wishes, such as physical health and family safety.


* Please put only the amulets and bills given at Myorin-ji Temple in the cooking box. Please return the amulets of other shrines and temples to the place where they were awarded.


Letter to heaven

A mysterious post where you can send a letter to your loved one in heaven.


Please deliver the inside of your heart that you couldn't say for a long time to your loved one in heaven.

~ Thank you for not being able to convey it ~

~ What I couldn't say until now ~

~ I want to convey my current appearance ~

The priest of Myorin-ji Temple, who is the deliveryman, will take responsibility for reading the letter you received to the important person in heaven during the morning work, and will burn the letter and send your thoughts to heaven. I will deliver it.

* If you cannot come to Myorin-ji, please send a letter to Myorin-ji.


Buddhist affairs delivery

For those who cannot come to Myorin-ji, the chief priest of Myorin-ji will visit you directly.

~ Legal affairs at home ~

~ The memorial service in front of the grave at the reien ~

~ Funeral at the funeral hall ~

It can be used by people who are not members of the Myorin-ji Temple, regardless of denomination or denomination.


Myorinji rental space

You can use the main hall and hall of Myorin-ji Temple as a rental space.

~ Course / Seminar ~

~ Lessons and workshops ~

~ Location / Shooting venue ~

Please use the rental space of Myorin-ji Temple from [non-commercial purpose] to [commercial purpose].


Buddhist affairs delivery

For those who cannot come to Myorin-ji, the chief priest of Myorin-ji will visit you directly.

~ Legal affairs at home ~

~ The memorial service in front of the grave at the reien ~

~ Funeral at the funeral hall ~

It can be used by people who are not members of the Myorin-ji Temple, regardless of denomination or denomination.


Drive-through litigation

For those who cannot attend the Buddhist memorial service with peace of mind due to the new coronavirus, etc., or those who have physical disabilities and find it difficult to attend the main hall, Myorin-ji Temple holds a drive-through Buddhist memorial service.

In the drive-through ritual, you can participate in the ritual without getting out of the car, so you can make a memorial service for your ancestors or make various prayers with confidence.

If you wish, please contact us in advance.

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