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Buddhist affairs for one person only


~ Myorin-ji Temple's "one person" dedicated Buddhist affairs ~

At Myorin-ji, we are happy to accept " one-person-only Buddhist rituals " with only one attendee.

It is a " one-person-only Buddhist ritual" for those who say, "It is difficult to ask a temple for a memorial service or funeral because there is only one attendee."

For one person

~ Honorary ~

~ Prayer ~

~ Funeral ~

We are waiting for requests for Buddhist affairs such as.


For one attendee

"Funeral specializing in one person"

 ~ No relatives ~

~ I can't invite relatives ~

~ I want to send it alone ~

For those who want to have a funeral alone for various reasons, Myorin-ji offers a " funeral for one person only ".

At a normal funeral, a "role" such as reception, caretaker, and guidance by the bereaved family is required.


At Myorin-ji's " funeral for one person " , the chief priest and professional staff of Myorin-ji will support you with all your heart so that even one attendee can have a funeral with peace of mind.

Please leave everything to Myorin-ji.

Myorin-ji's "Funeral for One Person" is a funeral run by the temple, so we offer a heartfelt funeral at a lower cost than any funeral company.

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