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Red stamp making workshop


Making a red stamp book


The red stamp is given to worshipers upon request as a proof of faith and worship.

A red stamp book is required to award the red stamp.

At Myorin-ji's "Goshuin-cho making workshop", you can choose your favorite design from a number of Japanese papers and make your own original Goshuin-cho from scratch. If you wish, the chief priest will write the red stamp of Myorin-ji on the red stamp book.

Commemoration of making a red stamp book

After making the red stamp book, we will open the eyes of the red stamp book made at the main hall of Myorinji Temple and pray for the physical health, family safety, and fulfillment of the wishes of the participants.


For those who wish to make a red stamp book, we will write each one directly on the newly created red stamp book in commemoration of the "red stamp book opening eyes red stamp" handwritten by the chief priest.


Making a red stamp book



Myorinji main hall


Anyone can participate

event date


(We will inform you on our website)

Workshop time

1-2 hours

Reservation method

First-come-first-served basis on the reservation form


All prepared by Myorinji Temple


5-10 people


3,500-7,000 yen

Depends on the material

Making the next red stamp book


Saturday, January 16th, 3rd year of Reiwa

From 10:00 to 12:00

Theme "Washi cover spread red stamp book"

11 mountains

24x8 size

Capacity: 5 people

Participation fee: 5,000 yen (all material costs are included)

Canceled due to an emergency

Efforts of Myorinji Temple

It is said that about one in seven children under the age of 17 living in Japan are in financial difficulty.

The future of children is the future of Japan.

It is the children of today who will support Japan in the future.

Poverty should never close a child's future potential.

Myorin-ji will donate a part of the participation fee to the "Children's Future Support Fund " for the future of Japan for children who are having a hard time due to poverty.


Making a red stamp book



If you wish, please make a reservation from this reservation form.

We do not accept reservations by email or phone.

Due to legal affairs, we may change your reservation.
In such a case, we will contact you in advance.

Reservations will be accepted from midnight 30 days before .

The deadline for accepting reservations is 23:00 one day before .

~Waiting list~

When the capacity is reached, it will be "waiting for cancellation".

In the reservation frame "Even if there is "0 remaining", you will receive an email notification as a confirmation of your reservation when cancellation occurs by accepting "waiting for cancellation".

Preparing now

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