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Buddhist memorial video

Myorinji Temple Online Visit

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Myorinji Buddhist memorial service (full version)

Gatha used when monks line up at the meeting place at the beginning of the memorial service and sit in the hall while chanting (Kada. A garter sound copy, originally a verse-style sutra or hymn)

First Gatha (Statement)

A song that states that at the beginning of the memorial service, the Buddhas are welcomed, the prostration (the forehead, both hands, and both feet are attached to the ground), the Buddha's feet are placed on the palm, and the worship service is returned.

Dojo (statement)

A sentence that asks this dojo to come to the Buddhist priests and states the purpose of the memorial service.



He is delighted to be able to meet the teachings of the Lotus Sutra that he will read from now on, and vows that he will make use of those teachings in his daily life.

Myoho Lotus Sutra Upaya No. 2

The second chapter of the Lotus Sutra, which states that anyone can become a Buddha. Buddha explains that Buddha's enlightenment is difficult for ordinary people to understand. On the other hand, I hope that his disciple, Sharipu, will still explain. What was explained there was the teaching of Ten-Nyosei Ichinen Sanzen.

Myoho Lotus Sutra Nyorai Sutra 16th

Buddha was tentatively appeared on the ground to save people, but he was originally enlightened from an eternal time, and this life is eternal, revealed in this Nyorai Shoujutsuhin No. 16. And that Buddha is called Shakyamuni Buddha of Kuon Minari (which has been a Buddha since eternal times).


The title of Nanmu Myōhō Lotus Sutra is the essential law that the Nichiren saint threw himself into the Lotus Sutra that Buddha preached, and this chanting is the "shogyo" of the Nichiren sect. ..


It is called "Treasure Tower" because it is the eleventh text of the Lotus Sutra. He reveals the difficulty of believing in and spreading the Lotus Sutra in the last generation, and teaches that he must always believe, read, know, and preach the Lotus Sutra without being frightened by the hardships.

Transfer of merit

The merit of the Buddhist memorial service that I worked for is memorialized to the Buddha, and the merit of the sutra chanting and the chanting that I have accumulated, the merit of the ancestors, etc. ..

Consecration (statement)

A statement to the various Buddhas who came to the dojo at the end of the memorial service, to return to their respective mainlands and to always protect us.

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