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Those who like temples and Buddhism and who continue to disseminate Buddhist teachings and activities of Myorin-ji, and those who are familiar with a certain specialized field can spread the splendor of temples and Buddhism in an epoch-making way. , Those who can support the activities of Myorin-ji Temple. We have certified "Myorin-ji Official Ambassador " for those who support Buddhism, temples, and Myorin-ji!


" Myorin-ji Official Ambassador " is not a formal one, but a community group for people who are interested in Buddhism and temples.

Rather than enlivening Myorin-ji, it is a
group that " enlivens, enjoys, and learns Buddhism and temples together with Myorin-ji."


Myorinji Official Ambassador

Registration Form


I want to liven up Myorin-ji, temples, and Buddhism as an "Official Myorin-ji Ambassador"! Please use the Ambassador Registration Form to register.


After submitting the form, you will always receive a welcome email with your membership number etc. within one week .

We will reply to you by Gmail, so please be
sure to set it so that you can receive Gmail.

* If you do not receive the welcome email within a week after submitting the form, it is possible that you did not receive it as junk email.


Click here for Myorinji Ambassadors

Click here if you wish to withdraw from the Myorinji Ambassador

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