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Temple introduction

History of the Myorinji Temple

Myorinji Engi

In the first year of Enbun (1356), the lord of Shingonji Temple in this area is Kamakura Higaya Myohonji Temple, Ikegami Honmonji Temple, and Daikyo Acharya Nichirin Saint (Nichiren Saint Ikegami's brother day when the third generation of both mountains). He discussed the sect with the statue (Kameomaru, who served as a child), but finally changed his sect and presented the temple to the saints.


The following year, in the second year of Enbun (1357), the saint advanced the temple to this place, opened in April and preached, and named it Fukujuyama Myorin-ji (Toyama). In addition, it continues to this day as an eternal sacred site (temple).

Kaisan Niwa Saint's mother is Myoro Nun, her father is Into Jirozaemon Lieutenant Yuteru Fujiwara, and her mother is the daughter of Kudo Suketsune.

The statue of Nichiren Saint was said to be a guardian of smallpox. Even now, there are many prayer visits as a statue of guardianship for illness. During the Tokugawa period, the princess of the Kishu family often stayed there, and many of the maids of Edo Castle visited the shrine.

At 9 o'clock on the 5th of September in the 7th year of Tenpo (1863), most of the inn was burned down at the Kitashita Yokocho carpenter Hanshichi Fire Source, and the self and others were burned at 11 temples. After that, he spent time in a temporary building, and the current main hall was rebuilt at the end of the Meiji era.

Some of the ancient documents and Buddhist statues survived the disaster, and in particular, the Kaisan Niwa saint Shingon Mandala, which was given to the second generation of the mountain, Hinata (Shingonji lord), still exists and was moved from the Niwa saint statue (mid-Tokugawa, Ikegami Honmonji treasure house). ) Is also saved.

Kumaou Inari in the precincts is handed down as the guardian deity of the prosperous business of Oiso-juku.


Our mountain Kaisan Daikyo Acharya Nichiren Saint is a disciple of Nichiren Saint, one of Nichiren's six old monks, and one of nine high-ranking disciples of Nichiro Saint (nine old monks).


Myorinji Temple Treasure

Myorin-ji brewery Niwa saint brush large mandala principal image. Myorin-ji is a temple founded by the Nichirin saint and is the only temple that conveys the principal image of the Nichirin saint.    


Fukujuyama Myorin-ji Temple, which has a history of more than 700 years, is the oldest of the four Nichiren-shu temples in Oiso Town, Kanagawa Prefecture.


Kumaou Inari, the guardian deity of Oiso-juku business prosperity. The Kumaou Daizenjin, which is enshrined in the precincts of Ankokuronji Temple in Matsubagayatsu, Kamakura, is enshrined in Myowa-ji Temple, and the Inari Festival is held every year in early February.


[Saijo Inari] Shonan Branch

Saijo Inari, Okayama Prefecture, one of the three major Inari in Japan, is a temple of the Nichiren sect with a history of 1200 years. Myorin-ji is the Shonan branch of Saijo Inari. ​​​​ It is one of the few temples in Kanto where you can pray for Saijo Inari.


Myorinji 70th chief priest

Kumazawa Tatsuki  

Riju Kumazawa

I'm from America

“Good at Japanese”


Fukujuyama Myorinji 70th chief priest.

He spent his childhood in the United States because of his predecessor's overseas mission.


Following the back of his predecessor, who was also a medical professional, he studied Western medicine at the American School of Medicine and Oriental Medicine at the Chinese School of Medicine. He has obtained national qualifications and is currently active as a medical professional involved in emergency medical care such as trauma.

As a specialist in legal affairs, he is engaged as a lecturer in legal statements at educational and training institutions of Somon and overseas.

He is also active in Japan and abroad as a Buddhist painting artist.


I am studying every day with the aim of becoming a priest who can heal the spirit with Buddhism and the body with medical practice.



Representative officer of the religious corporation Myorinji

Nichiren Sect Kanagawa Prefecture Third Division Councilor

Secretary of the Nichiren-shu Yoshishi Law Association, Kanagawa Prefecture

Nichiren Sect Nobuyuki Dojo Chief

Saijo Inari Executive Director

Director of Myorinji Medical Center

Representative of the temple management consulting project " Temple Revolution"

Representative of Myorinji Records

Representative of Myorinji Publishing



"Buddhist liturgy" Nichiren Sect Daily maiden CD Amazon  

"Buddhist liturgy" Nichiren Sect Daily maiden Digital version iTunes  Google play  

Myorinji Temple 2014 ~

2014  April Myorin-ji 70th generation entrance ceremony.

2015  July Started a free yoga class "Temple Yoga" at the main hall to improve the health of Myorinji Danish believers and local residents.

2016- Temple yoga activities will be featured in magazines and news programs.

2016  An air conditioner was installed in the main hall, which was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It has become possible to comfortably carry out the memorial service all year round.

2016  September Established a new medical facility in the precincts to improve the health of Myorinji lay people and local residents.

2016  September Launched "Myorin-ji Medical Center", a medical service centered on Myorin-ji.

2016 October Established a mountain path from the mountain gate to the precincts. You will be able to easily enter the mountain by car.

2017  May Established Designer's Buddhist tool "Myorindo". Producing a unique Buddhist tool that is not found anywhere else.

2017  December The parking lot behind the main hall, which was not flat due to rocks and stones, was made completely barrier-free.

2018  January For people with disabilities, we will install handrails in the main hall to make the main hall barrier-free.

2018  March The marine bone-cutting memorial service, which was previously held only by some people for special reasons, is open to the public.

2018  As a waiting room in advance of the May Law, the main hall was expanded and a waiting room was newly established.

2018  The Tensei Kaikan, which was used for the funeral all night in July, is open to the public. Open to the public for anyone to use.

2018  August The pet funeral, which has been held only by the Danish believers, is open to the public.

2018  September Tensei Kaikan A new air conditioner is installed due to the deterioration of the air conditioner.

2018  Create a Myowatera original through this from the voice that of October through this character is difficult to read small.

2019  January Full construction work will be carried out due to the deterioration of the parking lot block wall.

2019  June The floor of the main hall is repaired to natural Akita cedar.

2020  January The main hall of Myorin-ji Temple is opened as a funeral hall for the Danish believers.

2020  May Launched Myorin-ji custom-made mortuary tablet "Takumi mortuary tablet" by a priest of a Buddhist priest and a Hakone parquet craftsman.

2020  June Established a new mortuary "Tensei Corridor" in the main hall of Myorin-ji Temple using natural Akita cedar.

2020  September Started "Wadaiko Fitness", a wadaiko exercise at the main hall of Myorinji Temple.

2020  October Established the permanent memorial ossuary "Kannon-do" in the main hall of Myorin-ji Temple.

2020  December Established a new hot bath facility for guests in the main hall of Myorin-ji Temple.

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