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大磯 整体

Manipulative treatment clinic for stiff shoulders and back pain in Oiso Town


7 reasons to choose

① Because it is a specialized institute for stiff shoulders and back pain!

(2) It is safe because it is a professional treatment by a national qualification holder!


③ Rest assured that it is a temple facility!


④ Leave both treatment and healing to us!


⑤ Over 20 years of experience, treatment results of over 30,000 people!


⑥ Reliable treatment fee!


⑦ Close to Oiso Station, there is a parking lot for 20 cars!

I was treated at various treatment centers, but it didn't improve

Please visit us if you are such a person.


The causes and treatments for stiff shoulders and back pain vary from person to person.


Our unique treatment method was born from the treatment results of more than 30,000 people.


There is a unique treatment for stiff shoulders and back pain here.


Features of our hospital

-Treatment policy to remove pain from the root-

There are various causes of pain. Instead of simply treating the area of pain, treatment is done to eliminate the cause of the pain.

-All staff are national qualification holders-

Which do you choose, an unqualified manipulative doctor or a healthcare professional who is licensed to treat you from the country?

-Corresponding to various diseases with various treatment methods-

One treatment cannot cure all symptoms. At Myorinji Osteopathic Clinic, we treat with various methods such as correction method, manipulative therapy, exercise therapy, and physical therapy.

~ Full counseling & inspection method ~

We listen carefully to the reason for the physical condition from the patient and thoroughly investigate the cause of the pain using various tests.

~ State-of-the-art medical equipment ~

All the medical equipment at Myorinji Osteopathic Institute is state-of-the-art. Relieve various symptoms with various medical devices.

-A space where you can relax like a hideaway-

Myorinji Osteopathic Institute is a medical facility that looks like a fashionable coffee shop. Jazz is played in the hospital and you can relax your body and soul.

~ Reservation priority to minimize waiting time ~

Weekday consultations can be taken without an appointment, but an appointment will reduce the waiting time.

~ Sekkotsuin unique to a temple ~

The hospital is always burning incense and it's like inside the main hall. The priest's preaching during treatment! ??


For one hour of treatment for your stiff shoulders and back pain

I spent more than 20 years

Kanagawa Prefecture is from Hayama Town. Worked at Honmoku Hospital and Tomohito Osteopathic Hospital in Yokohama while attending Kanagawa University.

Studied chiropractic at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and worked for 11 years as a trainer department and relaxation store manager at Global Sports Medicine Institute Co., Ltd.


However, it turned out that relaxation alone could not cure the pain, so he enrolled in Kanagawa Jyusei Acupuncture and Moxibustion College in order to obtain a national qualification for medical professionals, and obtained a national qualification under the guidance of the director.


After training under the director for three years, he became the director of the Myorinji Osteopathic Institute.


As a specialist in stiff shoulders and back pain, he not only treats but also spreads his knowledge.


* At first glance, it looks like a priest, but he is not a priest.


"Nice to meet you! I have been in charge of 30,000 people for 20 years as a chiropractor. The causes of physical disorders of patients are different. Some of them are caused by traffic accidents, injuries, illnesses, and lifestyles. Lack of exercise and stress can also be the cause. At our hospital, we offer tailor-made treatments that are tailored to each individual. We look forward to your visit! "

Director of Myorinji Osteopathic Institute Shiro Yukawa

大磯 整体
大磯 整体
大磯 整体
大磯 整体



Initial inspection fee +2000

First time only.

If you have not visited the hospital for 6 months from the date of your last visit

The initial inspection fee will be charged again.

1 site treatment 1000

Two-site treatment 2000

8 out of 10 people are choosing

3-site treatment 3000

[Manipulative therapy]

Manipulative 60 minutes 5000

Manipulative 90 minutes 7000

7 out of 10 people are choosing

Manipulative 120 minutes 9000







Systemic adjustment treatment

Myorinji Osteopathic Institute

Terakoya Gymnastics Class

A gymnastics class is held on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month from 9:30 am, which anyone can participate in.

We perform gymnastics and rehabilitation so that even people with difficult legs can participate.

When the weather is nice, it may be held in the temple grounds.

<Meeting place> In front of the main hall of Myorinji Temple

<Target> Anyone can participate

<Date and time> 2nd and 4th Friday of every month

<Holding time> 9: 00-9: 30 (no reservation required)

<Participation fee> Free

<What to bring> Drinks, towels

<Clothing> Easy-to-move clothes

We are delivering gymnastics videos on YouTube!

  • YouTube

Opening hours

大磯 整体

* Closed days: Sundays, national holidays, Mondays

* Reservations may be accepted even outside the hospital at the time of opening (+1000 yen). Please contact us by phone or email.


* Saturday will be a special medical treatment and only the manipulative treatment by the director will be available. Since it is a complete reservation system, please make a reservation in advance by phone or email. If there is no reservation by the day before, the hospital will be closed.

* Reservations are not required for medical treatments other than Saturdays, but reservations are prioritized.


Book online




1582 Oiso, Oiso Town, Naka District, Kanagawa Prefecture


Phone 0463-61-0749

FAX 0463-61-8899


・ By train

5-6 minutes walk from Oiso Station on the JR Tokaido Line

・ For buses

1 minute walk from Kanagawa Bus "Fire Station"

・ For automobiles

From the direction of Hiratsuka on National Highway No. 1, between the "Akiba Shrine Entrance" signal and the "Oiso Fire Station" signal,

Enter from the road beside the monthly parking lot on the left side (sea side) (NTT Building on the right side of the national highway).

There is a parking lot behind the main hall where about 20 cars can be parked.

大磯 整体



* Inquiries for business of companies and traders are strictly prohibited.

Click here for inquiries such as interviews

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