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1 minute walk from the sea in Kanagawa prefecture

Eternal memorial tomb Tensei Mausoleum

Religious corporation Myorinji

1582 Oiso, Oiso Town, Naka District, Kanagawa Prefecture

Phone number 0463-61-0749

Frequently Asked Questions

Q I'm not a Buddhist, can I use it?

The permanent memorial tomb "Tensei Mausoleum" is a permanent memorial tomb that can be used across denominations and denominations.

It doesn't matter what denomination or religion you have.

You don't even have to be a Danya at Myorinji Temple.

It is a permanent memorial tomb that anyone can use.

The memorial service will be held in a Buddhist style.

* When burying the remains of a deceased person who already has a grave, permission from the graveyard manager, Bodaiji, is required.

Q What is the difference between burial (combination) and burial?

There are two ways to place the ashes at the Tensei Mausoleum.

In the Tensei Mausoleum, there is an area where the urn is placed and an area where the ashes can be buried directly in the soil.

"Burial" involves removing the ashes from the urn and burying them directly in the Tensei Mausoleum.

"Bone burial" is a memorial service in the urn until the 13th anniversary of the Buddha (or 13 years after the burial), after which it is taken out of the urn and buried directly in the Tensei Mausoleum.

We recommend "burial" for those who are worried about the cost of burial.

Myorin-ji will take responsibility for the memorial service regardless of whether it is "burial" or "bone-laying".

Q What is the "Myorinji Welfare Service" that can be received by Tensei Mausoleum users?

Myorin-ji is a temple open to the community.

The chief priest is also an active medical worker, and Myorin-ji provides various welfare services with the health of the local people first.

Tensei Mausoleum users can take the "Temple Yoga" yoga class for Danish believers at the main hall of Myorin-ji Temple free of charge.

Furthermore, at the medical facility "Myorin-ji Osteopathic Institution" in the precincts, you can receive medical expenses from Myorin-ji as well as the Myorin-ji Danish believers.

Healthy and long-lived is the best memorial service for our ancestors.

Myorin-ji provides various support so that you can live a healthy and long life.

Q Is it possible for a couple to enter?

Of course it is possible.

Q Is it possible to hold a night or funeral at Myorin-ji Temple?

At Myorin-ji Temple, we accept not only Danish believers but also the general public for wakes and funerals.

Recently, an increasing number of people are doing short memorial services at the crematorium without having to go to night or have funerals, and bury the ashes on that day for a permanent memorial service.

Q Is it possible to bury and bury pets and ashes together?

At Tensei Mausoleum, only human remains can be laid and buried.

However, there is a pet memorial tower right next to the Tensei Mausoleum.

You can bury your pet's ashes there.

Click here for details

Q Can I enter with a close friend?

In a normal grave, only relatives can enter the grave together.

However, the Tensei Mausoleum can be used by anyone.

Q When should I bury and bury my bones?

On the 49th, there are many people who are laid and buried for the first equinoctial week, the first bon, and the first anniversary, but there is no rule.

Q Is it possible to temporarily store the ashes?

We will keep your ashes at the Tensei Mausoleum.

Bone storage costs 10,000 yen (one year) per body.

The deposit will be 100,000 yen per body (it will be returned when the bone is returned).

Q When do you pay the permanent memorial service payment?

The payment is paid by the date of bone and burial.

Q I'm in trouble because my grave is in my distant hometown

The grave is too far away for memorial service, and there is no one to memorialize, so it becomes an unrelated grave ...

We have received many such consultations.

Please contact us as there are various methods depending on the circumstances and contents.

Q Is it possible to give a Dharma name?

Dharma name is the name given as a sign that he left for the other world and became a disciple of the Buddha.

If you are a Buddhist priest at a temple, you will be awarded at the funeral (or during your lifetime) by the chief priest of Bodaiji.

At the permanent memorial tomb "Tensei Mausoleum", the deceased is memorialized under a common name, so no dharma name is required.

If you are a Buddhist and need a Dharma name, we will give you a Dharma name (○○○○ believer / Shinjo) free of charge from Myorin-ji Temple (limited to deceased people who are not Danish believers in the temple).

At that time, I will write a "Certificate of Conferral of Dharma Name" from Myorin-ji Temple.

Q Is it possible to request legal affairs such as the annual memorial service?

Of course. I think the Buddha will also be pleased.

If you wish to have a legal affair, please make an early reservation.

Reservation for Buddhist memorial services: 0463-61-0749 (Myorin-ji Temple)

* You can also make a reservation by contacting us.

We are happy to offer the Buddhist memorial service, but we will guide you with a fixed amount so that you can use it with peace of mind in an easy-to-understand manner.

・ Buddhist memorial service in front of Tensei Mausoleum: 5,000 yen (Short form memorial service suitable for small groups)

・ Myorin-ji main hall + memorial service in front of Tensei Mausoleum: 30,000 yen (formal memorial service suitable for large numbers of people)

・ Stupa memorial service: 3,000 yen (1 unit)

* [The memorial service in front of the Tensei Mausoleum] is a standing memorial service for about 10 minutes.

* [The memorial service at the main hall of Myorin-ji] is a memorial service in a chair for about 45 minutes.

* If you want to do the legal affairs at home, the priest can visit you at home.

Q How should I apply?

Please see the permanent memorial tomb "Tensei Mausoleum" with your own eyes and apply after you are satisfied.

We will hand over the necessary documents such as the application form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Q Is it okay to mail the ashes?

"Bone transfer" is a funeral procession for ashes born in recent years.

Originally, he would bring his ashes to the temple, which is a family temple, and bury them in the graveyard at the time of the memorial service on the 49th. Then, they come together again for a memorial service.

However, some people cannot do that for various reasons.

There is no Bodaiji Temple, there is no grave, there is no trace, it is physically handicapped and it is difficult to go out ...

As a temple priest, I was initially negative about bone feeding.

I believed that it would be very rude to treat the remains of an important deceased as if they were things.

However, after receiving various inquiries from people suffering from such circumstances, that idea changed.

While some people have doubts about bone transfer, it is also true that some people are saved by bone transfer.

At Myorin-ji Temple, we accept bone feeding as one of the means of memorial service for the deceased deceased.

If the deceased's memorial service is sent from the bottom of his heart, we will accept the ashes, but if you have any desire to dispose of the ashes because they are an obstacle, we will send the ashes. Can not be accepted at all.


Q Why is the cost lower than other permanent memorial tombs?

I have bones that I want to bury and deliver, but I can't do that because of costs.

There are many such people.

The former chief priest of Myorin-ji built the Tensei Mausoleum for such people.

Myorin-ji Temple puts the memorial service for the ashes first, so the amount of money to be paid is low so that anyone can use it.

Q Can you scatter some of the ashes into the Shonan Sea?

At Myorin-ji Temple, during the spring and autumn equinoctial week, a memorial service is held for those who died at sea and for the ashes that have been scatterd in the ocean.

The chief priest, Myorin-ji, who is also a first-class ship operator, steers the ship himself and goes to the sea in Shonan to perform the maritime memorial service.

For those who wish to have some of the remains buried in the Tensei Mausoleum (Adam's apple, etc.) marine scatter, we will perform a surrogate marine scatter free of charge.

We will burial at sea with your precious ashes along with the Buddhist memorial service.

The surrogate marine burial at sea is held in Chigasaki in Shonan, at a point more than 3 nautical miles (6 km) away from the land, and in an area away from the fishing and farms in the direction of "Karahataiwa" seen from Chigasaki "Southern Beach".

After the bones are cut, "Uba Rock" will replace the deceased's monument.

Myorinji Shonan Marine Memorial

Religious corporation Nichiren sect Myorinji Temple

1582 Oiso, Oiso-machi, Naka-gun, Kanagawa 255-0003

TEL 0463-61-0749

FAX 0463-61-8899

Telephone reception 9:00 am to 17:00 pm

Copyright © Myorinji, All rights reserved.

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