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1 minute walk from the sea in Kanagawa prefecture

Eternal memorial tomb Tensei Mausoleum

Religious corporation Myorinji

1582 Oiso, Oiso Town, Naka District, Kanagawa Prefecture

Phone number 0463-61-0749

Bone transfer flow

1 application










We will send the bone transfer set to the designated place within 7 days after applying via the Internet or telephone.

* Myorinji Umi's bone-feeding box is an environmentally friendly and reusable plastic cardboard box.

* Cancellations cannot be accepted after application.


Click here to apply online

Apply by phone 0463-61-0749

Apply by fax 0463-61-8899


2 Payment


We will send you a bone transfer set by cash on delivery.

All payments for bone-feeding and cash on delivery will be cash on delivery, so please pay to the delivery staff (cash only).

The bone-feeding set includes a "bone-feeding box," "application / consent form," "reply slip (payment slip)," "urn lid seal," and "urn plastic bag ."

If you do not receive the bone transfer set within one week of application, please contact us.

All shipping is free.




3 Preparation for bone transfer

Please fill in the required items on the application form and consent form, and include the urn and a set of documents in the bone transfer box.

For the bone feeding method, refer to the instruction manual included in the bone feeding box or this website.

(1) The buried urn contains a lot of water due to dew condensation, etc., so be sure to drain the water by shifting the lid as shown in the image so that the ashes in the urn do not come out.

(2) Secure the urn lid in three places with the attached urn lid seal so that the urn lid does not open.


③ Write the name of the deceased on the urn with an oil-based pen over the gum tape.


④ For urns that contain water, tape the lid to prevent water from leaking during bone feeding.

⑤ Put the urn in the attached plastic bag.

⑥ Put the urn in the bone feeding box.

If it seems to be unstable, please pack a newspaper.

Only those who have applied for the mortuary tablet in advance should include the mortuary tablet in the bone feeding box.

⑧ Please fill in the “Application Form” and the “Consent Form” on the back of the application form without omission. Be sure to enclose a copy of the burial permit with your application.

The following documents are required, so be sure to include them.

・ Application form / consent form (If there is any omission, we cannot accept it)

・ Cremation permit writing The original of one of the burial permit

* Please contact us if you do not have a cremation permit or burial permit.


⑨ Close the bone feeding box.

The bone feeding box is closed with Velcro, so do not stop the bone feeding box with a rubber tape or the like.

⑩ Fill in the enclosed Yu-Pack invoice and attach it to the bone transfer box.


* Please send bones within one week after the bone transfer set arrives.

* Please do not put the wooden box etc. in which the urn was stored in the bone transfer box as it will be the bone transfer of the ashes in the urn. The bone box that contained the urn is made of wood, so please dispose of it according to the classification in your area.


For details, please see the bone transfer preparation video.




4 Bone transfer of ashes


Bring the bone transfer box to the post office or call the Yu-Pack collection center (0800-0800-111) and they will come to your home for collection.

* Please note that the ashes cannot be returned after arriving at the temple.

大磯 永代供養
大磯 永代供養
大磯 永代供養
大磯 永代供養
大磯 永代供養
大磯 永代供養
大磯 永代供養
大磯 永代供養
大磯 永代供養
大磯 永代供養
大磯 永代供養
大磯 永代供養

Religious corporation Nichiren sect Myorinji Temple

1582 Oiso, Oiso-machi, Naka-gun, Kanagawa 255-0003

TEL 0463-61-0749

FAX 0463-61-8899

Telephone reception 9:00 am to 17:00 pm

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