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Oiso-cho temple funeral specialty Oiso-cho funeral is 198,000 yen

Specializing in temple funerals in Oiso Town

Takatsuki Souvenir

Send off with feelings


For the bereaved family

I will do whatever I can

A family funeral that was said to be cheap at the funeral hall, but ended up being expensive.


A high ceremonial hall usage fee to be paid in vain.

A funeral set plan that includes things you don't need.

I often hear that the story went on as it was being swept away, and when I noticed it, only the expensive funeral fee and the remains were left.

Takatsuki's remittance began with the desire to change the world of modern funerals, where the interests of the funeral company are prioritized over the feelings of the bereaved family.

Unnecessary excess entertainment and services

Causes of expensive funeral fees

The reason why funerals are expensive is the excessive decoration of altars and flowers and the excessive entertainment of attendees.

Takatsuki Sosen specializes in the funeral "temple funeral " at the "temple main hall" that does not require excessive decoration.

Originally, the main hall of the temple has an altar that is watched over by the Buddha, so there is no need to pay for the altar like the ceremony hall of a funeral company.

Furthermore, the main hall of the temple is magnificently decorated, so there is no need to prepare flowers.

Entertainment expenses such as meals for attendees are also a cause of high funeral expenses.


However, the reason for attending the funeral in the first place is that attendees attend the funeral in memory of the deceased.


I'm not coming to eat rice, so it's not rude to not serve wake food.


However, most funeral companies, for their own benefit, say that lack of food is rude to attendees and force the bereaved family to entertain excessively.

At Takatsuki Sosen, we value the feelings of the deceased rather than the costly and excessive entertainment.

We will help you to have a good and prestigious funeral within the budget of the bereaved family.

Funeral in Oiso Town is 198,000 yen  

A mechanism for a good funeral at a low price

Takatsuki Sosen has a mechanism that allows you to hold a "good funeral" that you can be proud of to your relatives and attendees at a low price that cannot be imitated by other funeral companies.

① By renting the venue of the temple as a funeral venue, the venue cost is suppressed.

② I only rent the main hall of the temple where the funeral is held for the sake of public welfare, not for profit.

③ By holding a funeral at the main hall of the temple, there is no need to prepare decorations such as altars and flowers like the ceremony hall of a funeral company, and extra costs can be reduced.

④ We request funerals only for temples where funerals can be held for the purpose of popularizing the funeral "temple funeral" of temples, not for the purpose of profit.


Features of Oiso Ceremony Hall

Funeral with a high degree of freedom

Takatsuki Souen has a higher degree of freedom than a general funeral, and we will help the bereaved family to do what they want for the deceased at no additional charge as much as possible.

We will help you as much as possible without any additional fees, such as "I want to shorten the funeral and lengthen the greeting time with the attendees" and "I want to have a funeral for the karaoke that the deceased liked".

All can be brought in

At the funeral of a funeral company, you cannot bring in flowers or meals. Even if you can bring it in, there will be an additional charge, but at the funeral of this temple, you can bring it in for free.


You can bring your own meals, so it doesn't matter if the bereaved family prepares them for delivery or you can prepare your favorite flowers at your favorite florist.

Reassuring costs

Takatsuki Sosen is operated with the idea that the burden on the bereaved family is small and the funeral can be held with peace of mind. Therefore, we do not charge any fees other than those offered unless you request additional options.

It is said that the dharma name fee at the funeral is high, but the dharma name will be given free of charge only at the funeral of Myorin-ji Temple.

Morgue room with cold storage equipment

For funerals at Myorin-ji, there is a mortuary "Tensei-koro" with a cold storage facility where you can store your body. Until the day of the funeral, you can visit for 24 hours if you wish.

Normally, there is a charge for a mortuary with such a cold storage facility, but the "Tensei Corridor" can be used free of charge for many days until the funeral day.

Funeral prepaid system

If you don't want to burden your family with your own funeral expenses, we recommend paying the funeral fee in advance.


In the case of advance payment, even non-members can perform the funeral at the member price. Furthermore, we will change the casket and urn to high-end products free of charge. If you cancel before the funeral, we will give you a full refund without any fees.

Number one in Oiso

For funerals at Myorin-ji, it will be the closest funeral venue to Oiso Station. In addition, we have the most parking space at the funeral venue in Oiso Town, so we can invite more attendees.

It is the cheapest traditional funeral in Oiso Town, so anyone can use it with confidence.


Has a history of 700 years

Oiso Ceremony Hall of Takatsuki Sosen

The ceremonial hall in Oiso Town, Takatsuki Sosen, will be the main hall of a temple called Myorin-ji Temple, which is located in Oiso Town, Kanagawa Prefecture and has a history of more than 700 years.

It has a long history of having funerals in Oiso for over 700 years.

We are working to popularize low-priced but prestigious "temple funerals" that funeral companies cannot do.

5 minutes walk from Oiso station, 1 minute walk to Oiso beach, very quiet precincts.

It is a temple with a long history of performing memorial services such as permanent memorial tombs for Buddhas without graves, funerals and graves for pets, and burial at sea.

There are free temple yoga lessons for the locals and a medical facility attached to the temple where you can receive treatment at a low cost.

Center of Oiso Town


The easiest to go to in Oiso Town

Funeral ceremony

The Oiso Ceremony Hall of Takatsuki Sosen is a 5-minute walk from Oiso Station.

There is a parking lot for 24 cars, so attendees can come by car with confidence.


A funeral that is cheaper but more prestigious than anywhere else

Oiso wedding hall plan

Member price 198,000 yen (tax included)

General price 218,000 yen (tax included)

[Including all donations, Dharma names, and funeral expenses]

❇︎ Does not include additional flowers, food and drinks, primer, etc., but you can bring your own.

The Oiso ceremonial hall of Takatsuki Sosen does not go to the night on the eve of the funeral, but holds a highly flexible "farewell party" and a funeral for the ashes after the cremation, which is common in some areas. The style of the funeral being held.

It is a low-priced but prestigious funeral that cuts down on all costs and offers as much memorial service as possible.

Even though the price is low, the price does not change no matter how many people attend.

We will provide a wonderful funeral to the relatives, friends and colleagues who attend.

What is the member price?


Members of "Ren no Kai" can hold a funeral at the Oiso Ceremony Hall of Takatsuki Funeral at the member price. There is no enrollment fee, no annual membership fee, and no other fees incurred after enrollment. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you would like to join, please use the inquiry form .

Takatsuki Souden Electronic Pamphlet

Oiso Ceremony Funeral Flow


Oiso wedding hall free service


Oiso ceremony hall additional option

A prestigious funeral can be held without additional options, but if you wish, please do so.


For the little Buddha

Being able to send Takatsuki

The funeral of the little Buddha is a very, very sad farewell party.

Being able to bury Takatsuki for a small Buddha ...

Myorin-ji Temple provides graves free of charge to Buddhas who are underage Buddhas who had a funeral at Takatsuki Souen and do not have graves.

Burial at the permanent memorial tomb of Myorin-ji Temple

100,000 yen → Free of charge

Acting ocean scatter

50,000 yen → Free

If the Buddha is a minor, there will be no funeral venue fees or donations at the Oiso Ceremony Hall. We accept only the cost of the funeral itself.

Oiso wedding hall plan

198.000 yen → 128,000 yen

Required costs not included in the plan

[Additional charge for transporting the body]
In the case of late night / early morning surcharge (21: 00-5: 59), 2,000 yen will be added every 30 minutes. If it is 20km or more from the place of departure, 600 yen will be added per 1km.

[Autopsy fee]
In the case of sudden death or a traffic accident, it will be a police case, and police autopsy will be required, and an autopsy fee and a transportation fee for autopsy will be charged. The amount depends on the municipality.

[Cost of dry ice]
A day's worth of dry ice to keep the body cool is included in the plan, but after that it costs 5,000 yen a day.

[Cremation costs]
Cremation costs depend on the address of the deceased.



Dedicated morgue with cold insulation equipment "Tensei Corridor"

The Oiso Ceremony Hall of Takatsuki Sosen is equipped with a mortuary "Tensei Corridor" where the corpse can be placed. The mortuary of the funeral company has a limited time to visit the corpse, but you can visit the Tensei Corridor for 24 hours.

The corpse will be damaged only by measures with dry ice, but since the "Tensei Corridor" is equipped with cold insulation equipment, the corpse remains as it was when it died.
It is possible to enshrine it in a beautiful appearance.

Normally, there is a charge for such a dedicated mortuary with a cold storage facility, and the mortuary fee for 24 hours is around 10,000 yen, but the Buddha who uses the Oiso ceremony hall of Takatsuki Sosen can use it for free for many days. I can do it.


Takatsuki Souvenir

〒250-0111 Kanagawa Prefecture

672-18 Takematsu, Minamiashigara

TEL 0465-25-3985

(24 hours for funerals only)



〒2500 111 Kanagawa Prefecture

672-18 Takematsu, Minamiashigara

TEL 0465-25-3985

(24 hours for funerals only)

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