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For pets in Kanagawa prefecture

Funeral, cremation, grave, permanent memorial service

Religious corporation Myorinji

1582 Oiso, Oiso Town, Naka District, Kanagawa Prefecture

Phone number 0463-61-0749

Frequently Asked Questions

Q I'm not a Buddhist, can I use it? ??

"Myorin-ji Pet Funeral" can be used across denominations and denominations.

It doesn't matter what denomination or religion you have.


You don't even have to be a Danya at Myorinji Temple.


Anyone can use it.


The memorial service for the remains and the Buddha is performed according to the Buddhist memorial service.


Q Why do the payments differ depending on the size of the animal?

Costs vary due to differences in cremation time, etc., depending on the size of the animal.


Furthermore, the size of the urn changes depending on the size of the animal, so the bones in the pet graveyard


The cost is also different.



Q Is it possible to have a funeral or cremation at home?

Basically, you will come to the temple for a funeral, cremation, and bone-laying.


If you are physically handicapped and cannot come to the temple, please ask.


Please match.


We will propose the best method.


Q Is there an individual pet grave?

Myorin-ji's pet grave will be jointly laid.




Q Please tell me the required time.

Cremation time depends on the weight of the pet.


The memorial service itself is the same for all sizes and weights.


Funeral: 30-40 minutes


Cremation: About 1 hour for small animals, cats and small dogs, about 2 hours for medium-sized dogs


Bone laying method: 30-40 minutes





Q It is difficult to keep the body cold in the summer, so is it possible to have a funeral, cremation, and bone laying on the night of my death?

As long as the legal affairs of the temple do not overlap, it is possible to receive funerals, cremations, and bones at night.


But funeral outside the business hours of Florists also have your seat can not offer the flower of the altar.

In that case, the flower fee will be deducted from your payment.


Q I don't need a funeral, so could you just cremate me?

"Myorin-ji's pet burial" began with the idea that dead animals need to be memorialized in the same way as humans.


A funeral is always held at the time of cremation to pray for the souls of the animals.


We do not only cremate.


If you only wish to cremate, please ask a cremation specialist.





Q What is a permanent memorial service?

At Myorin-ji Temple, a memorial service is held every year on the Obon festival and the equinoctial week of spring and autumn for the memorial service of the ashes that were laid in the pet grave.


This kind of memorial service for the Buddha for a long time is called "eternal memorial service".


Even if the client passes away, the temple will be responsible for providing a memorial service for the Buddha for many generations.


The cost and donations for this permanent memorial service are included in the permanent memorial service fee.





Q When should the bones be delivered to the pet grave?

It is often done after the forty-ninth day of the memorial service or after the first anniversary, but there is no rule regarding the timing of bone-laying and bone-cutting.

It is often said that if you keep your ashes at home without burying them for many years, you will not be able to become a Buddhahood, but that is not the case.


Even immediately after the cremation and decades after the cremation, I think it would be good if the bones were delivered at the timing of the bereaved family.





Q I don't have time to go to cremation right away due to work reasons. Is the body okay?

No matter how cold you take, your body will be damaged.

It's very painful and sad to see the body of a pet that was a member of the family decaying.

Therefore, at "Myorin-ji Pet Funeral", we accept funerals, cremations, and bones at night and in the early morning for busy people so that such a thing does not happen.

Even with good ice packs, we recommend cremation within 2 days of death in the summer and within 4 days in the winter.


Q My pet has died and I'm worried about how to say goodbye.

There are many ways to part with a pet that is a member of an important family.

I think the best way to break up is the one that suits you best.


Buried in the garden

I think that many people can bury their bodies in their gardens. I think it's a good idea to dig a hole up to 1 meter underground and bury it so that it will not be dug up by other animals. It is possible to bury it as it is without cremation, which is the most cost-effective. You can only bury it on your own land, so please be careful not to bury it in the mountains without permission.

Benefits: No cost, stay with your deceased pet

Disadvantages: It is difficult to secure a burial place and the trouble of burying

Cremate and place the remains at home

I think it's the best way for those who want to stay with their pet even if they die. There is also a Buddhist altar for pets. However, if you cannot accept the death of your pet, it is not recommended for those who cannot accept the death of the pet, as the presence of the ashes may promote pet loss.

Benefits: Feeling close to your deceased pet, less expensive than placing it in a pet grave

Disadvantages: Ashes lose their place after the owner passes away


Take me to a public crematorium

Carcasses of dogs and cats are classified in the same way as household burning garbage. Although it is possible to cremate at a public crematorium, it may be a joint cremation with other animals and you may not be able to receive the remains. I think it is not suitable for those who want to see off pets that were members of the family in the same way as people.

Benefits: Cheaper cremation costs compared to cremation specialists

Disadvantages: In many cases, the ashes cannot be received


Outsource to a specialist

Those who specialize in pet cremation and pet reiens are only specialists and provide attentive service. You can also introduce our affiliated pet reiens. I think it's best if you want to say goodbye without religion.

Benefits: Attentive service unique to professionals

Disadvantages: There are many vendors and the service content is also sharp.


Have a memorial service at the temple

According to the Buddha's teaching that animals can be made into Buddhahood like humans, they offer a generous memorial service. In the case of a permanent memorial service, even if the owner passes away, the pet memorial service will continue for a long time. I think it's best if you think of animal memorial services first.

Benefits: Pets can receive a generous memorial service for many generations

Disadvantages: Many events feel unnecessary for non-religious people


There are various pet graves on the internet, and I'm wondering where to put them.

Please choose a place that is easy to go to and close to your home.

I think it is necessary to have a memorial service in front of the grave even after the bones have been laid.

No matter how good a pet grave is, if you don't visit it, your pet will be sad.


Q Are there any costs other than the listed payments?

There is no cost other than the payment.

An additional payment will be made only if you request a stone plate for a pet grave, a stupa, a pet tablet, etc.


Q Can I use a credit card?

No, you can only pay in cash.

After the funeral, cremation, bone donation, etc. are completed, please pay in cash at the Myorin-ji reception desk.

If you are going to pay the bones to the pet grave by sending bones (by mail), please pay the donation by cash on delivery.


Q Is there anything that can be cremated together?

Fresh flowers, snacks, toys, and thin blankets can be cremated for small quantities.

However, metal, balls, and plastic cannot be cremated together because they affect the cremation.

Q Do I have to prepare a cardboard box or casket to carry the body?

If you don't have one, you can wrap it in a bath towel.

At the time of cremation, cremation with only the corpse leaves no ash and can be cremated cleanly.


Q Where do you cremate?

Funerals, cremations, bones, and memorial services are all performed within the precincts of Myorin-ji Temple.

Even on rainy days, it is possible to set up a tent and cremate or lay bones.


Q Can I visit the pet grave at any time?

The gate of Myorin-ji is always open.

You can visit us 24 hours a day.

Myorinji reception is open from 9:00 to 17:00.

It is also possible to prepare incense sticks etc. within the above time zone.


Q Is it possible to cremate the bones only 49 days after the cremation in the "funeral / cremation / bone laying plan"?

At Myorin-ji Temple, after the cremation of both humans and animals, the remains are kept at home until the 49th, and after the 49th memorial service, they are delivered to the grave.

However, for various reasons, it may not be possible to store the remains at home until the 49th memorial service.

In such cases, it is possible to deliver the bones to the pet grave immediately after the cremation.


Q Is it possible to bury a pet in a pet grave without cremation?

At Myorin-ji's pet grave, only the urn containing the cremated bones can be delivered.


Q Can you split the ashes into accessories at the time of cremation?

Of course it is possible.

Please bring the container and accessories you want to split.


Q Is it possible to cremate the ashes buried elsewhere in the pet grave of Myorin-ji Temple?

It is also possible to cremate ashes that have been cremated elsewhere.


There are various pet marine bone-cutting companies, but what is the difference from this marine bone-cutting company?

"Myorin-ji Pet Funeral" is run by a temple located in Shonan.

I think that general bone-cutting companies also perform a solid bone-cutting ceremony when cutting bones, but the Buddhist priest who is the priest of the temple is a Buddhist priest because the "Pet funeral at Myorin-ji" is a Buddhist temple. We will provide a generous memorial service in the memorial service.

The rituals that are normally performed in the main hall of a temple are performed on board as they are.

The chief priest, Myorin-ji, who is a first-class ship operator, steers the ship himself and does everything from bone-cutting to memorial services.

We may not be able to provide the same level of service as other bone-cutting companies, but we will do our best to provide a memorial service.


Q Where do you perform marine scatter?

The marine burial at sea is held in Chigasaki, Shonan, at a point more than 3 nautical miles (6 km) away from the land, and in an area away from the fishing and farms in the direction of "Karahataiwa" seen from Chigasaki "Southern Beach".

After the bones are cut, "Uba Rock" will replace the monument of the dead pet.

Every year, during the spring and autumn equinoctial week, the chief priest steers the ship and scatters it on his behalf.

You cannot accompany you to the sea, but you can see off to the pier.


Q Can I visit you directly for consultation?

The gate of this temple is always open.

Please come anytime.

The priest may be absent due to legal affairs, etc., so if you would like to come for consultation, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Religious corporation Nichiren sect Myorinji Temple

1582 Oiso, Oiso-machi, Naka-gun, Kanagawa 255-0003

TEL 0463-61-0749

FAX 0463-61-8899

Telephone reception 9:00 am to 17:00 pm

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