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Oiso-cho funeral specialty Oiso-cho funeral is 198,000 yen

Specializing in funerals in Oiso Town

Oiso funeral

Specializing in funerals in Oiso Town


How to send because you specialize in Oiso

A funeral for Oiso townspeople at the funeral venue, which is a 1-minute walk from Oiso Beach.

The recent funeral procession was expensive, and Oiso funeral procession was born from the worries that a good funeral could not be held because of the deceased.

For those who live in Oiso, Oiso funeral procession is a gathering of experts so that a fine funeral can be held in the town at the lowest price.

Oiso Funeral is a group specializing in funerals in Oiso Town, where funerals are held in Oiso Town for the residents of Oiso Town.

"Direct burial" and "cremation ceremony" are too sad!

In recent years, more and more people are using "direct burial" and "cremation ceremonies", which are sold at low prices.

"Direct burial" and "cremation ceremony" are not the "ceremonies for farewell" such as wake-ups and funerals that were used in traditional funerals, but go directly to the crematorium from the place where the body is placed. , How to cremate.

By omitting various farewell rituals, the cost of the funeral will be cheaper, but is that really all right?

Funerals are held not only for the deceased, but also for organizing the feelings of the bereaved family.

It is said that even non-Buddhists can organize their feelings through Buddhist rituals such as wakes and funerals.

However, in "direct burial" and "cremation ceremony", it is often said that the cremation was done without such a farewell ceremony, so it was difficult to organize the feelings and only emptiness remained after the remains. increase.

The funeral is a one-time "farewell party" in a life that cannot be redone.

Even for relatives and friends who want to see off the deceased, a direct cremation that cannot be properly separated should be very painful.


Oiso funeral procession does not call an empty "direct funeral" or "cremation ceremony" a funeral.

Oiso funeral procession is for the deceased, and for the bereaved family, a funeral ceremony where the bereaved family, relatives, friends, colleagues, and all can farewell firmly at the same cost as a general "direct funeral" or "cremation ceremony" We offer.

Funeral in Oiso Town is 198,000 yen


A mechanism for a good funeral at a low price

Oiso Funeral Procession has a mechanism that allows you to hold a "good funeral" that you can be proud of to your relatives and attendees at a low price that cannot be imitated elsewhere.

What is the "low-priced but fine funeral" system that has been created over many years by gathering funeral experts such as temples and funeral companies?

① We are keeping costs down by limiting the funeral to Oiso Town.


(2) Labor costs are kept down by operating with a small number of staff.

③ A temple located in Oiso Town, which is a funeral ceremony hall, is held for the welfare of Oiso townspeople.


④ Remove the factors that increase the cost of the funeral, such as "excessive entertainment expenses such as meals for attendees" and "excessive decoration of the altar that is not necessary", return the funeral to its original shape, and useless expenses. We are aiming for a funeral that anyone can use without spending money.

⑤ By holding a funeral at the main hall of the temple, there is no need to prepare altars, flowers, and other decorations like the ceremony hall of a funeral company, and there is no need to pay for it.

⑥ The funeral of the temple is not for the purpose of profit because it is held for the spread of "temple funeral".

⑦ For more than 700 years since the funeral of Oiso Town, the temple has a sense of mission to hold a fine funeral for the people of Oiso, regardless of the cost.


Features of Oiso funeral procession

Funeral with a high degree of freedom

Oiso funeral procession has a higher degree of freedom than general funerals, and we will help the bereaved family to do what they want for the deceased at no additional charge as much as possible.

We will help you as much as possible without any additional fees, such as "I want to shorten the funeral and lengthen the greeting time with the attendees" and "I want to have a funeral for the karaoke that the deceased liked".

All can be brought in

At the funeral of a funeral company, you cannot bring in flowers or meals. Even if you can bring it in, there will be an additional charge, but at the funeral of this temple, you can bring it in for free.


You can bring your own meals, so it doesn't matter if the bereaved family prepares them for delivery or you can prepare your favorite flowers at your favorite florist.

Reassuring costs

Since Oiso Funeral Procession holds funerals for the public good, the burden on the bereaved family is small, and we are operating while thinking that the funeral can be held with peace of mind. Therefore, we do not charge any fees other than those offered unless you request additional options.

It is said that the dharma name fee at the funeral is high, but Buddhists will be given a dharma name free of charge from the temple.

Morgue room with cold storage equipment

Oiso Funeral Procession is equipped with a mortuary "Tensei Corridor" with a cold storage facility where the body can be stored. Until the day of the funeral, you can visit for 24 hours if you wish.

Normally, there is a charge for a mortuary with such a cold storage facility, but the "Tensei Corridor" can be used free of charge for many days until the funeral day.

Funeral prepaid system

If you don't want to burden your family with your own funeral expenses, we recommend paying the funeral fee in advance.


In the case of advance payment, even non-members can perform the funeral at the member price. Furthermore, we will change the casket and urn to high-end products free of charge. If you cancel before the funeral, we will give you a full refund without any fees.

Number one in Oiso

It is one of the closest funeral venues to Oiso Station. In addition, we have the most parking space at the funeral venue in Oiso Town, so we can invite more attendees.

The funeral cost of Oiso funeral is aimed at the lowest price among the traditional funerals that can be held in Oiso Town. Anyone can use it with confidence without worrying about the cost of the funeral.

Support from healthcare professionals


The Oiso Ceremony Hall for Oiso Funeral is a unique funeral hall with medical facilities.


If you get sick or injured during the funeral, a nationally qualified medical staff will be available to help you immediately.


Even those who are physically ill can attend the funeral with peace of mind.

English support available


The chief priest of Myorin-ji Temple, which is the Oiso ceremony hall for Oiso funerals, was raised in the United States, so funerals can be held in English.


Not only Japanese but also foreigners can use Oiso funeral with peace of mind.

For children


Oiso Funeral Procession donates a part of the funeral expenses received from everyone to the " Children's Future Support Fund" for children who are suffering from poverty.


For minor Buddhas who do not have a grave, Oiso Funeral Procession will provide a grave free of charge. In the case of a funeral for a minor Buddha, the funeral venue fee and donation will not be charged. We accept only the cost of the funeral itself.


More than 700 years since the funeral in Oiso Town

The Oiso burial ceremony hall is located in Oiso Town, Kanagawa Prefecture, and is a temple called Myorin-ji Temple with a history of more than 700 years.

We are working to popularize low-priced but prestigious "temple funerals" that funeral companies cannot do.

5 minutes walk from Oiso station, 1 minute walk to Oiso beach, very quiet precincts.

It is a temple with a long history of performing memorial services such as permanent memorial tombs for Buddhas without graves, funerals and graves for pets, and burial at sea.

There are free temple yoga lessons for the locals and a medical facility attached to the temple where you can receive treatment at a low cost.


Myorin-ji is working to popularize low-priced but prestigious "temple funerals" that funeral companies cannot do.

Center of Oiso Town


Funeral ceremonies most accessible to Oiso townspeople

The Oiso funeral procession ceremony is a 5-minute walk from Oiso Station.

There is a parking lot for 24 cars, so attendees can come by car with confidence.


A funeral that is cheaper but more prestigious than anywhere else

Oiso funeral procession funeral

Member price 198,000 yen (tax included)

General price 218,000 yen (tax included)

[Including all donations, Dharma names, and funeral expenses]

❇︎ Does not include additional flowers, food and drinks, primer, etc., but you can bring your own.

The funeral procession of Oiso funeral is not a wake-up night on the eve of the funeral, but a highly flexible "farewell party" and a funeral for the ashes after the cremation, which is common in some areas. It's a funeral style.

It is a low-priced but prestigious funeral that cuts down on all costs and offers as much memorial service as possible.

Even though the price is low, the price does not change no matter how many people attend.

We will provide a wonderful funeral to the relatives, friends and colleagues who attend.

What is the member price?


Members of our association "Lotus Association" can hold a funeral procession for Oiso funeral at a member price. There is no enrollment fee, no annual membership fee, and no other fees incurred after enrollment. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you would like to join, please use the inquiry form .

Click here for Oiso Funeral Premium Funeral

Premium funeral


Oiso Funeral Procession Electronic Pamphlet

Oiso funeral procession funeral procession


Free user service


Additional options

A prestigious funeral can be held without additional options, but if you wish, please do so.


For the little Buddha

Being able to perform Oiso funeral procession

The funeral of the little Buddha is a very, very sad farewell party.

Being able to perform Oiso funeral procession for a small Buddha ...

We will provide the grave of a Buddha who is a minor Buddha who had a funeral procession at Oiso and has no grave, free of charge.

Burial at the permanent memorial tomb of Myorin-ji Temple

100,000 yen → Free of charge

Acting ocean scatter

50,000 yen → Free

If the Buddha is a minor, there will be no funeral venue fees or donations. We accept only the cost of the funeral itself.

Oiso funeral procession funeral

198.000 yen → 128,000 yen

Premium funeral

378,000 yen → 254,000 yen

Efforts for Oiso funeral procession

It is said that about one in seven children under the age of 17 living in Japan are in financial difficulty.

The future of children is the future of Japan.

It is the children of today who will support Japan in the future.

Poverty should never close a child's future potential.

Myorin-ji Temple, which is the Oiso funeral hall for Oiso funerals and Oiso funerals, is a part of the funeral expenses received from everyone for children who are having a hard time due to poverty and for Japan in the future. We will donate to the Children's Future Support Fund.


Required costs not included in the plan

[Additional charge for transporting the body]
In the case of late night / early morning surcharge (21: 00-5: 59), 2,000 yen will be added every 30 minutes. If it is 20km or more from the place of departure, 600 yen will be added per 1km.

[Autopsy fee]
In the case of sudden death or a traffic accident, it will be a police case, and police autopsy will be required, and an autopsy fee and a transportation fee for autopsy will be charged. The amount depends on the municipality.

[Cost of dry ice]
A day's worth of dry ice to keep the body cool is included in the plan, but after that it costs 5,000 yen a day.

[Cremation costs]
Cremation costs depend on the address of the deceased.



Dedicated morgue with cold insulation equipment "Tensei Corridor"

The Oiso funeral procession is equipped with a mortuary, "Tensei Corridor," where the bodies can be placed. The mortuary of the funeral company has a limited time to visit the corpse, but you can visit the Tensei Corridor for 24 hours.

The corpse will be damaged only by measures with dry ice, but since the "Tensei Corridor" is equipped with cold insulation equipment, the corpse remains as it was when it died.
It is possible to enshrine it in a beautiful appearance.

Normally, such a dedicated mortuary with a cold storage facility is charged, and the mortuary fee for 24 hours is around 10,000 yen, but the Buddha who uses "Oiso Funeral Procession" can use it free of charge for any number of days.



What should I do if the deceased dies?

Please call Oiso Funeral Procession.

We will transport the body from the place where it passed away in the sleeping car to the mortuary of Oiso funeral procession.

Phone number 0465-25-3985

(24 hours for funerals only)

* At hospitals, etc., affiliated funeral companies are on standby to transport the bodies for a fee.

Please refuse when using the Oiso funeral procession.

It's cheaper than the cost of a typical funeral company, but why is it so cheap?

Oiso Funeral Procession is working to popularize the funeral "temple funeral" held at temples.


We want more people to know the wonderfulness of temple funerals, so we have set the price so that anyone can use it.

A typical funeral is expensive due to the decoration of altars and flowers, but the main hall of the temple is already magnificently decorated, so there is no need for such useless decoration.

The temple is the original place for funerals, and Oiso Funeral Procession restores the funeral to its original form, and is working to spread "temple funerals" that anyone can use with peace of mind without wasting money.

Is Oiso funeral available only to Oiso townspeople?

Oiso Funeral is a funeral held only in Oiso Town for the welfare of Oiso Townspeople.


We also accept funerals for people outside the town, but please note that if many funerals overlap, Oiso townspeople may be given priority.

Is it possible to use "Oiso Funeral Procession" at other temples, even though there are graves?

If there is such a family temple, Oiso funeral procession is not available because the temple usually holds funerals for the Dan family.

Unlike general funeral companies, Oiso funerals are held only at the temple called Myorin-ji in Oiso-cho.

Therefore, it is no longer possible to use the Danya of some temple.

If you do not have Bodaiji Temple, anyone can use it regardless of denomination or denomination.

After using Oiso Funeral, you do not need to become a member of the Myorin-ji Temple or a believer, and there is no solicitation, so please feel free to use it.

Is the cost of the cremation itself not included in the plan?

Cremation costs depend on the address of the deceased.

For example, if the address of the deceased person is in Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, cremation in Hiratsuka City is free of charge.


If the address of the deceased person is in Oiso Town, Kanagawa Prefecture, a subsidy will be provided from Oiso Town.


As you can see, the cost of cremation depends on the address of the deceased person, so the cost is not included in the plan.

Is it possible to prepare flowers and dishes by myself?

of course. Flowers and dishes cannot be brought in at regular funerals, but Oiso Funeral Procession places the highest priority on the convenience of the bereaved family, so you are free to arrange flowers and dishes.

Please serve and clean up with the bereaved family.


It is also possible for us to arrange food etc. on your behalf at no additional charge.

What should I prepare for an emergency?

It may be unlucky to prepare for the funeral in advance, but if nothing is prepared, the remaining family members may have a hard time at the funeral.


First of all, we suggest that you take the picture you want to make into a ghost picture. It is important to discuss the funeral in advance (pre-need consultation) not only with the person himself but also with his family.


And it is also important to write down the person who can come to the funeral (the person who wants to contact) because it is fine.

Is there any cost other than the price shown?

One day's worth of dry ice to keep the body cool is included in each plan, but additional costs will be incurred.


When transporting the corpse to the morgue "Tensei Corridor", an additional cost will be incurred even if it is more than 20 km from the place of departure.


In the case of sudden death or a traffic accident, it will be a police case and a police autopsy will be required.


In that case, an autopsy / diagnosis fee will be charged to the police.


The cremation fee is not included in the plan as it varies depending on the municipality.


I don't have a grave. Can you bury me in the permanent memorial grave of Myorin-ji Temple after the funeral?


At the Oiso Ceremony Hall for Oiso Funeral, there is a permanent memorial tomb that anyone can enter.


If you wish to bury the permanent memorial tomb, we will bury the ashes and make a permanent memorial service with a donation of 100,000 yen.

If you wish to have a marine scatter, the priest of Myorin-ji will take care of the marine scatter and a permanent memorial service in the Shonan Sea with a donation of 50,000 yen.

Why can't I have a funeral on "Tomobiki" day?

"Tomobiki" is one of Rokuyo and comes from the superstition that it draws friends to unlucky events.


Originally, Rokuyo has nothing to do with Buddhism, so it is not a Buddhist problem to hold a funeral as a friend.


The reason why we do not hold funerals at Tomobiki is that many crematoriums are closed for the above reasons.

I am a member of the Mutual Aid Society. Can I use the mutual aid society reserve fund at this funeral?


The mutual aid association reserve fund can only be used for funerals at the funeral company that operates the mutual aid association.


If you have already joined the Mutual Aid Society but would like to use the funeral procession of Oiso Funeral Procession, we recommend that you cancel the Mutual Aid Society and use the refunded reserve fund.


The Mutual Aid Association requires a fee when canceling, but even if the fee is deducted, the funeral procession at Oiso Funeral may be cheaper and more prestigious.


First, get an estimate of how much funeral you can do with the mutual aid society's reserve fund, and then compare the cost and content of the funeral procession at Oiso Funeral Procession.

Is it possible to pay my funeral expenses in advance so as not to burden my family before I live?

At the funeral procession of Oiso Funeral Procession, there is a prepaid system for such people.


If you pay the funeral expenses in advance, you can hold the funeral after you pass away at no additional charge.


In the case of advance payment, even if you are not a member of "Ren no Kai", we will guide you at the member price.

Furthermore, prepaid users will upgrade the urn and casket to luxury products free of charge.

Normally, a prepaid system such as a mutual aid society of a funeral company charges a fee when canceling when you change your mind, but even if you change your mind, you do not need to pay any fee at the time of cancellation and refund the full amount. Please be assured that you will receive it.

I'd like to consult in advance, but I can't go out because I'm physically handicapped.

Prior consultation is available for 24 hours by phone, fax, email, etc.


If you have a request, we will visit your home, hospital where you are hospitalized, and where you want to go, so please feel free to contact us.


Funeral number 24 hours a day

Please register in the phone book in case of "what if".



Oiso funeral


1582 Oiso, Oiso Town, Naka District, Kanagawa Prefecture

TEL 0465-25-3985

(24 hours for funerals only)

・ By train

5-6 minutes walk from Oiso Station on the JR Tokaido Line


・ For buses

1 minute walk from Kanagawa Bus "Fire Station"

・ For automobiles

From the direction of Hiratsuka on National Highway No. 1, between the "Akiba Shrine Entrance" signal and the "Oiso Fire Station" signal,

Enter from the road beside the monthly parking lot on the left side (sea side) (NTT Building on the right side of the national highway).

There is a parking lot where about 24 cars can be parked at Oiso Funeral Procession.



1582 Oiso, Oiso Town, Naka District, Kanagawa Prefecture

TEL 0465-25-3985

(24 hours for funerals only)

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Oiso funeral

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