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Frequently Asked Questions

What is marine scatter?

Marine scatter is one of the natural burials.

Instead of burying the ashes in a grave, it is a funeral procession that seeks to return to the great cycle of nature.


In modern Japan, it is the mainstream to bury the remains in graves, but originally the mainstream was to return the bodies and ashes to the sea and mountains.


In recent years, many people do not have a grave because they do not have a family temple, have no heirs, are non-religious, do not want to be buried in a grave, or cannot have a grave economically.


Natural burial is one of the funeral methods that such people choose.

Marine bone scatter is a funeral procession that returns the ashes powdered with powdered bone to the sea.


In recent years, more and more people have been scatterd in the ocean because they want to return the deceased to the mother sea, and because the deceased liked the sea.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to marine scatter.


The advantages are low cost and no maintenance cost, but the disadvantages are that you cannot visit the grave and you cannot leave the remains for posterity.

A 1-minute walk from the Shonan Sea, Myorin-ji is a temple with a history of over 700 years.


It has a history of hundreds of years of burial at sea for many Buddhas.


Myorin-ji is a temple specializing in marine burial at sea for the Buddha's memorial service.

I'm not a Buddhist, can I use it?

"Myorin-ji Shonan Marine Memorial Service" is a substitute bone scatter and substitute bone powder that can be used across denominations and denominations.

It doesn't matter what denomination or religion you have.


You don't even have to be a Danya at Myorinji Temple.


Anyone can use it.


A memorial service for powdered bones and bones is performed according to the Buddhist memorial service.


* In the case of powdered bones or scatter of the remains of the deceased who already have a grave, permission from the graveyard manager, Bodaiji, is required.

What makes it different from other bone-cutting companies?


"Shonan Marine Memorial Service" is a substitute bone scatter and substitute bone powder operated by a temple located in Shonan.


I think that general bone-cutting companies also perform a solid bone-cutting ceremony when cutting bones, but the "Shonan Marine Memorial" is a Buddhist memorial service for Buddhists who are the chief priests of the temple. We will provide a generous memorial service.


The rituals that are normally performed in the main hall of a temple are performed on board as they are.


The chief priest, Myorin-ji, who is a first-class ship operator, steers the ship himself and does everything from bone-cutting to memorial services.


We may not be able to provide the same level of service as other bone-cutting companies, but we will do our best to provide a memorial service.

What is the "permanent memorial service" of the surrogate bone-cutting?


At Myorin-ji Temple, a memorial service is held every year on the Obon festival and the equinoctial week of spring and autumn for the memorial service of the scatterd Buddha.


During the spring and autumn equinoctial week, we head to the point where the bones were scattered by boat and hold a memorial service for the Buddha who was scattered at sea.


This kind of memorial service for the Buddha for a long time is called "eternal memorial service".


Even if the client passes away, the temple will be responsible for the Buddha's bones and will be a memorial service for many generations.


The cost and donation for this permanent memorial service are included in the surrogate bone-cutting fee.

May I visit you directly for consultation?

The gate of this temple is always open.

Please come anytime.


The priest may be absent due to legal affairs, etc., so if you would like to come for consultation, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

When will marine scatter take place?


At Myorin-ji Temple, during the spring and autumn equinox period (7 days including the three days before and after the spring and autumn equinox days), the equinox memorial service for the Buddha who died in the Shonan sea is Shonan. I am going on the sea.


Substitute bone-cutting is done at the time of the equinoctial week.

Please note that it may be postponed depending on the sea conditions.

Will you be able to scatter the ocean for more than 10 spirits each time?


Since one priest performs all the work related to the marine bone-cutting burial at sea, one marine bone-cutting burial is limited to 10 spirits.


If the capacity is exceeded, the reception will be closed.


The next reception will be after the marine scatter burial at sea, which has exceeded the capacity.


* If the capacity of the marine burial at sea in spring is exceeded, the next reception will be from April 1st, and if the capacity of the burial at sea in autumn is exceeded, the next reception will be from October 1st.

Is it possible to go to see off when the surrogate ocean scatter?


Of course it is possible.


If you come to the pier designated on the day of the bone-cutting, you can see off.


For detailed locations, we will send you a map when you apply.


The departure date is the equinox period (7 days including the 3 days before and after the equinox and autumn equinox days).


During the equinoctial week, when you leave the port depends on the climate and sea conditions at that time.

Depending on the sea conditions, the schedule may change on the day of the bone-cutting method.

In some cases, the schedule may not match and you may not be able to come to see us off, but please understand that it is a proxy scatter.

Is it possible to have the ashes buried in the soil ground?


We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot accept powdered bones of ashes that have adhered to soil.

Why do you grind the ashes when you do marine scatter?


If the shape of the ashes remains, it may be treated as abandonment and cause an incident. It is powdered to (about 1 mm to 2 mm).

I have a bone that was powdered by another company at home. Can you do it on my behalf?


We cannot accept ashes that have already been powdered because we cannot confirm whether the ashes are powdered.


At "Myorin-ji Shonan Marine Memorial", only the ashes that Myorin-ji has crushed will be scattered.

I don't need a Buddhist memorial service for powdered bones or bone-cutting, so can I ask without a memorial service?


"Myorin-ji Shonan Marine Memorial Service" began with the idea that the Buddhist memorial service for marine scatter is absolutely necessary for the deceased Buddha.


We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you do not think you need a Buddhist memorial service or memorial service, please ask another bone-cutting company.


Where do you do marine scatter?


The surrogate marine burial at sea is held in Chigasaki in Shonan, at a point more than 3 nautical miles (6 km) away from the land, and in an area away from the fishing and farms in the direction of "Karahataiwa" seen from Chigasaki "Southern Beach".

After the bones are cut, "Uba Rock" will replace the deceased's monument.

The detailed location is described in the bone-cutting certificate sent after the bone-cutting.

How do you scatter bones?


Speaking of marine scatter, I think that many people have the image of sprinkling powdered ashes from a ship to the sea.


However, with such a method of bone-cutting, some of the ashes may be returned to the ship by the wind or attached to the clothing of the person who cuts the bones.


At "Myorin-ji Shonan Marine Memorial Service," powdered ashes are placed in a water-soluble paper bag and scattered into the sea in order to ensure that all the ashes are scattered into the sea.

Is bone-cutting legally okay?


There are two laws regarding graveyards and burials: "Law concerning graveyards and burials" and Article 190 of the "Abandonment of ashes" criminal law.


The Ministry of Justice has acknowledged the view that bone scatter is "not illegal as long as it is done as one of the funeral processes with moderation."


The Ministry of Health and Welfare has stated that funeral methods such as bone-cutting are not envisioned by the Graveyards and Burial Law and are not subject to the law.


Depending on the municipality, bone-cutting may be prohibited by ordinance.


"Myorin-ji Shonan Marine Memorial" is scatter only in the area where all of them are cleared.

In addition, it is not necessary to notify the government office, etc. when cutting bones.

Is it possible to make a reservation?


We do not accept reservations for marine scatter burial at sea.


It will be in the order of sending bones or bringing the remains directly to Myorin-ji Temple.


If you exceed the maximum number of ashes that can be accepted (10 spirits each time, 20 spirits per year in total), please wait until the next reception date (reception date starts: April 1, October 1).

I am worried that I will not be able to remember the deceased like visiting a grave after the bones are scattered.


Many people are worried that they will not be able to remember the deceased like a grave after the bones are cut.


For such people, a part of the ashes (Adam's apple, etc.) to be scatterd is free of charge at the permanent memorial tomb "Tensei Tomb" in the precincts of Myorin-ji Temple only for surrogate marine scatter users. We will bury the bones and make a permanent memorial service.


After the bones are scattered, you can visit the tomb at the permanent memorial tomb "Tensei Tomb".


It is also possible to hold an annual memorial service at the main hall of Myorinji Temple.


* A burial permit is required to bury the bones in the permanent memorial tomb "Tensei Tomb".

* For users who only use powdered bones, a burial of bones and a permanent memorial service will be held at the permanent memorial tomb "Tensei Tomb" for 100,000 yen per spirit.

At what timing should the bones be cut?


It is often held after the forty-ninth day of the memorial service or after the first anniversary, but there is no set time for bone-cutting.


It is often said that the deceased will not be able to become a Buddhahood if the remains are stored at home without being buried for many years, but this is not the case.


Immediately after the cremation and even decades after the cremation, I think it would be good if the burial and bones were scattered at the timing of the bereaved family.

Why do I need a copy of the "burial permit" when burying bones?


A cremation permit is a document that proves that there is no incident in the ashes that are powdered or scatterd.


It is usually picked up at the crematorium and stored in a bone box.


If you do not have a burial permit, please contact us.

I would like to disperse the powdered ashes to the sea overseas. Can I bring it?


It is possible to take it overseas, but the ossified ashes are white powder and may appear suspicious at local customs.


Therefore, at "Myorin-ji Shonan Marine Memorial Service", if it is for overseas bone-cutting, it will be slightly coarsely ground and an explanation in English will be prepared.

How long does the surrogate bone powder take?

Myorinji's substitute powdered bone is a memorial service at the time of powdered bone, and since we take the time to grind it with all our heart, it takes about 2 to 4 weeks from receiving the ashes to sending the bone. ..

If you are in a hurry, please use a specialist.

Is it possible to return some of the ashes that have been scatterd in the ocean for a memorial service?


After powdering, it is possible to put a part of the ashes in a small zippered plastic bag and send it with a bone-cutting certificate after the bone-cutting.


Please let us know when you apply.


If you want to send the urn for splitting bones to Myorin-ji Temple, it is possible to put the ashes in the urn for splitting bones at Myorin-ji Temple, but the shipping fee will be borne by the requester. ..

Wouldn't it be mixed with other ashes when working with bone powder?


We take great care not to mix it with other ashes, but during the powdering work, some bone particles may float in the air.


As a result, some of the other bone particles may mix or flow out of the ventilation openings.


Please note that it is impossible to leave 100% of all ashes or prevent them from mixing.

Will the ashes turn white after powdering?


It may not turn white depending on the condition of the ashes.


If the pigment of the flower put in the casket at the time of cremation is attached to the ashes, it may become powdered bone close to that color.


It is possible to make a beautiful white powdered bone by distinguishing between the white ashes and the pigmented ashes, but the white ashes and the pigmented ashes are all important deceased ashes. There is.


Based on this philosophy, in "Myorin-ji Shonan Marine Memorial Service", the ashes are not sorted by color, but are all ground together.

The ashes are stored in the bone box / bag instead of the urn. Can I send the bones?


In some areas, the ashes are stored directly in the bone box or bag instead of the urn after cremation.


Bone feeding is also possible with bone boxes and bags.


We will send you a bone transfer set suitable for them.

Is it possible to grind and scatter animal ashes?


As for the powdered bone, it will be powdered with a bone powder machine dedicated to the ashes of animals.


We also accept the agency of animal ashes.


Animal's substitute bone powder will be scattered in an area different from that of human's substitute bone.


Animal powder and bone scatter charges are the same.

Do you need a Dharma name?


Dharma name is the name given as a sign that he left for the other world and became a disciple of the Buddha.


If you are a Buddhist priest at a temple, you will be awarded at the funeral (or during your lifetime) by the chief priest of Bodaiji.


At "Myorin-ji Shonan Marine Memorial", the deceased is memorialized under a common name, so there is no need for a dharma name.


If you are a Buddhist and need a Dharma name, we will give you a Dharma name (○○○○ believer / Shinjo) free of charge from Myorin-ji Temple (limited to deceased people who are not Danish believers in the temple).


At that time, I will write a "Certificate of Conferral of Dharma Name" from Myorin-ji Temple.

* Dharma name is awarded only to marine scatter users. Users with only powdered bone are not included.

There is a grave in the temple's Danya, is it possible to scatter the bones?


If you are a Danish family from another temple and have a grave, please be sure to obtain the written permission of the powdered bones and bones from the Bodaiji / graveyard manager.


We cannot accept ashes without a permit from the Bodaiji / Cemetery administrator.

Is there a discount if I have a large number of ashes powdered and scattered at the same time?


We are sorry, but the price is flat and there are no discounts.

I'm wondering if I'm going to scatter bones, will the capacity fill up soon?


At Myorin-ji Temple, we perform marine burial at sea of ashes with a total of 20 burials per year, including 10 marine scatters in spring and 10 marine scatters in autumn.


In many cases, the upper limit will be exceeded within 1 to 2 months after the start of acceptance, so please contact us as soon as possible if you decide to scatter the ocean.


Recently, an increasing number of people are closing the graves of their ancestors and burial at sea with all the ashes stored in the graves.


In such a case, the upper limit may be exceeded on the reception start date.

Is it possible to charter bones?


I'm sorry. Due to sudden legal affairs such as temple funerals, we are not currently accepting charter scatter.


At Myorin-ji Temple, the chief priest only performs marine scatter on behalf of the priest.

Can I get a receipt?


"Myorin-ji Shonan Marine Memorial Service" uses cash on delivery delivery by Yu-Pack (Japan Post Co., Ltd.) for bone transfer delivery.


Please use the "Cash on Delivery Receipt" at the bottom of the printed surface of the invoice as the official receipt.


If you pay directly at the Myorin-ji reception instead of cash on delivery, we will write a receipt (Yamanosho).


In order to prevent double issuance of receipts, in the case of cash on delivery, "Myorinji Shonan Marine Memorial Service" does not issue receipts.


Thank you for your understanding.

Why is the cost of surrogate bone cutting cheaper than others?


There are various reasons why the marine burial at sea at Myorin-ji is low cost.

(1) At the request of the town, Myorin-ji receives a permanent memorial service at low cost as part of its social contribution.


(2) There is no labor cost because the chief priest does all the work such as powdering bones, memorial services, ship maneuvering, and bone cutting by himself.


③ Costs are kept down by performing it at the same time as the "Shonan Marine Memorial Service" that was originally performed at sea during the equinoctial week.


④ Twice a year, we keep costs down by limiting the remains of a total of 20 spirits.


⑤ We do not provide various courses such as charter bone-cutting like other bone-cutting companies, and we keep costs down by performing only proxy bone-cutting.


⑥ As a commemorative project for the 800th anniversary of the birth of the founder Nichiren Saint, we have reduced the regular payment of 50,000 yen to 30,000 yen so that anyone can use it. * From 2nd year of Reiwa, it will be the usual 50,000 yen.


⑦ I would like many people to know about the temple called “Fukujuyama Myorin-ji” that is engaged in such activities.

There are many bone-cutting and bone-powdering companies on the Internet, and I'm wondering where to ask.


There are various bone-cutting companies on the Internet.


Due to the boom of "natural burial" and "end of life", the number is increasing year by year and it is said that there are hundreds of companies.


When requesting bone-cutting, please take as much time as possible to check the websites of various vendors.


I think that not only the price but also the idea of why the trader is performing funeral processes such as bone-cutting is important.


Please choose a company that has a solid philosophy, not just a business.

If possible, it's probably best to go directly to the vendor's office to hear from them.

Is it okay to mail the ashes?


"Bone transfer" is a funeral procession for ashes born in recent years.


Originally, he would bring his ashes to the temple, which is a family temple, and bury them in the graveyard at the time of the memorial service on the 49th. Then, they come together again for a memorial service.


However, some people cannot do that for various reasons.


There is no Bodaiji Temple, there is no grave, there is no means of transportation, there is no trace, it is physically handicapped and it is difficult to go out ...


As a temple priest, I was initially negative about bone feeding.


I believed that it would be very rude to treat the remains of an important deceased as if they were things.


However, after receiving various inquiries from people suffering from such circumstances, that idea changed.


While some people have doubts about bone transfer, it is also true that some people are saved by bone transfer.


At Myorin-ji Temple, we accept bone feeding as one of the means of memorial service for the deceased deceased.


If the deceased's memorial service is sent from the bottom of his heart, we will accept the ashes, but if you have any desire to dispose of the ashes because they are an obstacle, we will send the ashes. Can not be accepted at all.

I'm wondering if it's a marine scatter or a permanent memorial service at a ossuary somewhere


The deceased wanted to scatter the ocean, but there are still many bereaved families who want to lay the deceased in graves and ossuary.


At Myorin-ji Temple, there is a joint permanent memorial tomb "Tensei Mausoleum" that can be used across denominations and denominations.


There is no need to change the sect or become a temple house, and there is no need to worry about imposing an economic burden on the next generation.


We will also provide a permanent memorial service to those who do not have a successor.


After the bones are delivered, the Tensei Mausoleum will be the grave of the deceased.


Eternal memorial tomb "Tensei Mausoleum"

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