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Substitute bone scatter

Substitute marine scatter burial at sea

50,000 yen


(Shipping fee, bone powder fee, donation, urn disposal fee, cash on delivery fee, cash on delivery fee are all included)

● The deceased wanted to scatter


● I want to return the ashes to nature instead of the grave


● There are no family temples or graves


● I want to close the grave without a successor to the grave


● I want to scatter the ocean, but it is difficult to get on the boat physically


For such people, "Myorin-ji Shonan Marine Memorial Service" will perform a surrogate marine scatter burial at sea.


We will bury your precious ashes together with the Buddhist memorial service.


The surrogate marine burial at sea is held in Chigasaki in Shonan, at a point more than 3 nautical miles (6 km) away from the land, and in an area away from the fishing and farms in the direction of "Karahataiwa" seen from Chigasaki "Southern Beach".


After the bones are cut, "Uba Rock" will replace the deceased's monument.

The cost of the surrogate marine scatter burial at sea is 50,000 yen for all, regardless of the size of the urn and the amount of ashes.


If you are a Buddhist and need a Dharma name, we will give you a Dharma name (○○○○ believer / Shinjo) free of charge from Myorin-ji Temple (limited to deceased people who are not Danish believers in the temple).


It is also possible to see off from the pier on the day of departure.


After the bones are scattered, we will hold a memorial service for the Buddhas who have been boned every year in Obon and on the equinoctial week in spring and autumn.


Various shipping charges, costs for powdered bones and bones, donations, permanent memorial services, and urn disposal fees are all included in the price.












① お申し込み後に「妙輪寺 湘南海洋供養」から送骨セットをお送りします。





② 送骨セットに骨壺を納め、「妙輪寺 湘南海洋供養」まで返送してください。


③ 骨壺に収められたご遺骨以外の混入物を除去します。



④ お墓に収められていた骨壺は結露により水分を多く含みます。



⑤ 粉骨前に粉骨のための法要を行います。


⑥ ご遺骨はそのままのかたちでは海洋散骨できないので、粉骨機でご遺骨を粉末化します。

※「妙輪寺 湘南海洋供養」では、変色している骨は除去せずに、すべてのご遺骨を一緒に粉骨しますので、ご遺骨の状態によっては灰色に仕上がる場合もございます。


⑦ 散骨日までは本堂に粉骨化されたご遺骨を安置し、日々のお勤めでご供養致します。


⑧ 春・秋のお彼岸期間前後、住職が自ら舵を取り湘南の海へと出航します。


⑨ 船上で散骨のための法要を行います。


「妙輪寺 湘南海洋供養」では、確実にすべてのご遺骨を海へ散骨するために、水溶性の紙袋にパウダー化されたご遺骨を納め海へと散骨します。


⑩ 散骨後、散骨証明書とご遺骨の散骨がしっかりと行われた証の証明写真をご依頼者様へご郵送させて頂きます。散骨証明書には散骨された場所が記載されていますので、グーグルマップ等のホームページからそのエリアを確認できます。戒名授与を希望された方には妙輪寺から戒名授与証明書を授与させて頂きます。


Substitute marine scatter / cost

What is included in 50,000 yen

・ Various shipping charges

・ Cash on delivery fee


・ Urn disposal fee


・ Powdered bone work fee


・ Buddhist memorial services such as powdered bone type, marine bone-cutting funeral ceremony, etc.


・ Bone cutting fee


・ Bone-cutting certificate fee


・ Bone-cutting ID photo


・ Permanent memorial service fee

・ Dharma name fee (○○○○ Shinshi / Shinjo. Only for deceased Buddhists who are not Danish in other temples)

・ Certificate of conferral of Dharma name







Bone and burial in the permanent memorial tomb "Tensei Tomb"

Many people are worried that they will not be able to remember the deceased like a grave after the bones are cut.

For such people, a part of the ashes (Adam's apple, etc.) to be scattered will be buried in the permanent memorial tomb "Tensei Tomb" in the precincts of Myorin-ji Temple.

The burial fee, annual management fee, and permanent memorial service fee required for burial are also included in the surrogate bone-cutting fee.

After the bones are scattered, the "Tensei Tomb" will become the deceased's grave, and you can visit it.

It is also possible to hold an annual memorial service in front of the Tensei Tomb.



* Limited to users of "Myorin-ji Shonan Marine Memorial Service" agency marine scatter.

* A burial permit is required to bury the bones in the permanent memorial tomb "Tensei Tomb" after the bones are scattered.

* The ashes cannot be moved after the burial of the split bones.


Boiled mortuary tablets 1 unit 3,000 yen

(Burning method required)

● I want to fire the mortuary tablet because the grave is closed.

● There are many mortuary tablets in the Buddhist altar and I want to put them together


● I want to use the bone-cutting as an opportunity to fire a mortuary tablet



For such people, at "Myorin-ji Shonan Marine Memorial Service", we will close the eyes and fire the mortuary tablets that are no longer needed.

When you send the ashes, please also send the mortuary tablet.

* Limited to users of "Myorinji Shonan Marine Memorial Service".


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