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End of life in Oiso Town Funeral and grave information of Oiso

Information on the end of life in Oiso Town

Oiso end of life

Lifelong information for Oiso townspeople

"End of life" is a word that was born in recent years.

End-of-life is an activity that prepares for you and your family towards the end of your life.

There is no end to the content of the end of life, but the minimum necessary content that must be prepared is "funeral" and "grave".

This is because long-term care, inheritance relationships, and disposal of relics can be solved on their own if the family works hard.

However, no matter how hard you try, funerals and graves cannot be done without the help of specialists.

"Oiso Shukatsu" introduces funeral and grave information in Oiso Town for people living in Oiso.

The funeral is too expensive!

The end of life is "funeral" and "grave", but it is a problem that people in their 60s and over should think for themselves, and people in their 60s and under should think for their parents.

Let's see what the average amount of funerals in Japan is.

Funeral nationwide average around 1.9 million yen

Grave nationwide average around 2 million yen

Of course, there are differences depending on the region, and the amount of money varies greatly depending on the size of the funeral and where the grave is built.

However, keep in mind that it costs around 4 million yen to hold a general funeral and have a general grave.

In the case of Oiso Town, the funeral is close to the national average, but the grave is not cheap because there is also the "Oiso brand".

Funerals and graves in Oiso Town

There are not many options

Anyone who grew up in Oiso will think that Oiso is the last one.

If you are already a priest at a temple in Oiso Town, you don't have to worry too much because the grave is already at the temple and the priest of the temple will consult you at the funeral.

Conversely, in the case of the Dan family of temples, there are few options for funerals and graves.

If you are not a temple house, you can freely choose a funeral or a grave, but there are not many options in Oiso Town.

First of all, if you want to hold a funeral in Oiso Town. There are two funeral halls and several temples where funerals are held in the main hall.

If you just want to cremate without any farewell ritual, you can do a "cremation" or "cremation" at the funeral company's ceremony hall at a low cost.

It costs around 2 million yen at the funeral company's ceremony hall to hold traditional funerals such as wakes, funerals, and farewells for the sake of the deceased's soul or in consideration of the general public.

If you are thinking of a solid funeral at a low cost in Oiso Town, the "temple funeral" performed by the temple is one of the options.

If you want to have a grave in Oiso Town, there is one reien and 18 temples in Oiso.

If you want to sleep in Oiso's grave, there are 19 options.

In this way, when preparing a funeral or grave in Oiso Town, there are not many options.

When it comes to "funerals and graves should be near Oiso Station," the options are even narrower.

Since he died

Arranging a funeral

Too late

The cost of a wedding is so high that we prepare for it by looking up and estimating various wedding venues a few months before the ceremony.

However, most people come to the day without preparing for the funeral.

For example, if you die in a hospital, you must prepare a funeral company and transport the body within about an hour of your death.

In the sadness of losing a family, it is very difficult to find a funeral company in a hurry, and it is sad and far from it.

Many hospitals have affiliated funeral companies, so if you haven't decided on a funeral company, you'll have to ask a hospital-affiliated funeral company.

However, most hospital-affiliated funeral companies have higher funeral costs than general funeral companies.

This is because a contract fee for becoming a hospital-affiliated funeral company is required, which increases the funeral cost.

Few people make funeral arrangements during their lifetime because of bad luck.



However, as with weddings, it is advisable to do a thorough research and prepare for the funeral by looking for various ceremonial halls and making quotations.

Cremation costs for Oiso townspeople

"Cremation costs" are not included in the funeral plans of many funeral companies.

This is because the cremation cost depends on where the deceased lives and where he is cremated, so it is not included in the funeral cost.

Most of the people who died in Oiso Town are cremated at one of the crematoriums, Hiratsuka City, Hadano City, and Odawara City.

Hiratsuka Funeral Home Cremation Fee (when the deceased is outside the city)

95,000 yen

Hadano Funeral Home Cremation Fee (when the deceased is outside the city)

73,000 yen

Odawara City Funeral Home Cremation Fee (when the deceased is in the city)

78,000 yen

* As of May 2nd year of Reiwa

In the case of Oiso townspeople, a subsidy for cremation expenses (up to 50,000 yen) will be provided by Oiso town.

However, cremation is not possible within 50,000 yen, so no matter where you cremate, the burden on the bereaved family is tens of thousands of yen.

Comparing the above tariffs, Hadano is the cheapest, so you might want to cremate at the crematorium in Hadano, but it's not that easy.

Depending on the date and time of the funeral and the congestion of the crematorium, you may not be able to go to the desired crematorium.

Furthermore, if the means of transportation to the crematorium is not a private car, the crematorium far from Oiso will incur transportation costs.

Starting from Oiso Station

12 km to the crematorium in Hiratsuka

17 km to the crematorium in Hadano

22 km to the crematorium in Odawara

In this way, starting from Oiso Station, the crematorium in Hiratsuka City is the closest crematorium to Oiso.

The crematorium in Hiratsuka is certainly expensive, but considering the transportation costs, it may be cheaper than other crematoriums, so it is necessary to have a close discussion with the funeral company.

It's a low price in Oiso Town


Proud to attendees


To have a funeral

In this recession, "direct funerals" or "cremation ceremonies" are attracting attention for cheap funerals.



Direct burial is a method of sending only cremation without a farewell ceremony with the deceased, such as a funeral or a farewell ceremony.

The main advantage of direct cremation is its cost.



The average amount of a general funeral is said to be 1,900,000 yen, but a direct funeral can be done for around 200,000 yen.



It's good that it's cheap, but is it really okay to say goodbye?

A funeral is a ritual for the deceased, but it is also a farewell ritual for organizing the feelings of the bereaved family.



It is said that even non-Buddhists can organize their feelings through Buddhist rituals such as wakes and funerals.



In direct burial, the mortuary goes straight to the crematorium without a funeral, so it is often said that the feelings could not be organized and only emptiness remained after the corpse was left.



Furthermore, direct cremation is often done only by family members, calling attendees to keep prices down, but what about the feelings of relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors who wanted to say goodbye to the deceased? mosquito.



It is painful for everyone to be cremated without being able to say goodbye.



The bereaved family would be very painful if they were told, "That family didn't let me say goodbye to the deceased without a funeral."


The funeral methods of "direct funeral" and "cremation" also give the impression that the funeral fee is stingy to relatives and neighbors.

For these reasons, if you choose direct cremation in consideration of cost, it is better to have a temple funeral "temple cremation" at the same cost so that everyone including the bereaved family can say goodbye to the end. increase.

In Oiso Town, the only option is to invite relatives and neighbors to a good and low-priced funeral that is not embarrassing to anyone.

Attention has been paid


Temple-led funeral


"Temple funeral"

People's awareness of funerals has changed in recent years due to the opaque and expensive funeral costs of funeral companies, or the cheap but inability to say goodbye to "direct cremation."

"What is a funeral so expensive ..."

"The deceased wouldn't have wanted such a funeral."

"Even though it's cheap, it's a direct cremation to hide from your relatives."

In an attempt to restore the funeral that had been commercialized by the funeral company to its original form, temples of various denominations began to hold funerals led by the temple instead of the funeral company.

"Temple funeral" where the temple takes the initiative in the funeral for the Buddha's memorial service.

Many temple burials are done for the temple's Dan family, but some temple burials are open to the public.

Many of the funerals led by the temple are not for profit but for the Buddhist memorial service, so the cost is very low.



The funeral of a funeral company is very expensive to decorate with altar fees, but since the main hall and precincts of the temple are originally decorated solemnly, there is no need for excessive setup like a funeral company and wasteful expenses can be saved. ..


The funeral can be held in a solemn atmosphere not found in the ceremony hall.

In the temple of Oiso, cremation and funerals are held at a cost close to that of a direct cremation.



For the same cost as a direct cremation, you should commute to the night and have a funeral, and choose a temple cremation that can invite not only your family but also relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors.

A funeral that is cheaper but more prestigious than anywhere else

Oiso funeral procession funeral

198,000 yen (tax included)

[Including all donations, Dharma names, and funeral expenses]

❇︎ Does not include additional flowers, food and drinks, primer, etc., but you can bring your own.

At the same price as the general price of "direct cremation" and "cremation ceremony" where you cremate without a funeral, everyone is convinced by inviting relatives and neighbors to attend the Oiso funeral procession. We offer a prestigious funeral that can be done.

Even though the price is low, the price does not change no matter how many people attend.

Since the temple in Oiso is not for profit but for the memorial service of the Buddha, there is no need for donations.

We will provide a wonderful funeral to the relatives, friends and colleagues who attend.

Oiso's grave situation

Oiso Town is said to be the birthplace of Shonan, but there has been a "Oiso brand" for a long time, and many people are attracted to Oiso and move to Oiso.

Furthermore, many people want to sleep in Oiso, which is near the sea, and the number of people who purchase Oiso graves from outside the town is increasing in recent years.

However, if you want to have a grave in Oiso Town, there is only one reien and 18 temples in Oiso.

Furthermore, there are only 7 temples that are easily accessible within a 5-minute walk from Oiso Station.

In other words, if you don't have a grave and want to have a grave in Oiso, you have to take action early or it will be difficult to have the grave you want.

Some temples have already stopped purchasing new graves, so it is recommended that you search for them as soon as possible.

Before that, I will explain the types of graves.

① Temple graveyard

If you have a temple tomb, you need to be the temple's grave. It varies depending on the temple, but an annual management fee and donations are required.


Many of the temples in Oiso have a track record of maintaining temples for hundreds of years, so they are more reliable than private reiens.

However, some non-religious people may find it troublesome to associate with a temple.

② Private cemetery

A private graveyard is a cemetery managed and operated by a private company outsourced to various corporations.


It has a relatively high degree of freedom compared to temples, but it is often expensive.


If you can afford it and find it difficult to relate to the temple, we recommend a private graveyard.

③ Temple ossuary

The ossuary is a facility like an urn condominium, where you pay a permanent memorial fee and place the ashes in a designated place.


When you hear the term "permanent memorial service fee", you may mistakenly think that the ashes can be placed in the ossuary forever, but in most cases, the ashes are placed in the ossuary and after a certain period of time, the ashes are a common burial place. Will be buried in.

The memorial service that the temple offers for the deceased is eternal, but be aware that the enshrining in the ossuary is not eternal.

Many of the ossuary halls in Oiso temples are of any denomination or denomination, so it is not necessary to become a Buddhist or Danish family just because you put the remains in the ossuary.

④ Natural burial

It is a method of scatter the bones in the deceased's memorable places such as the sea and mountains.


It is not realistic to do it individually because it is not always possible to powder the ashes or to scatter the bones at the time of bone-cutting.


If you bury bones in the soil without permission, it will be a violation of the law under the "Law on Graveyards and Burials, etc.", so if you are thinking of natural burial, ask an expert.


Natural burial is the cheapest method of burial because it often does not require gravestones or management fees.

If you want to sleep in Oiso but don't have the expense of having a grave, you can also scatter the sea in Oiso.

Only in Oiso Town


Ocean scatter by temple

There are many bone-cutting companies in Shonan, and the only temple is "Shonan Marine Memorial Service" where bone-cutting is done in the sea of Shonan.

For the ashes that are scatterd in the ocean, the same generous memorial service as the ashes buried in the grave.


The chief priest of a temple with a long history of performing marine bone-cutting funerals steers himself for bone-cutting, performs Buddhist memorial services at sea, and helps the deceased Buddhahood and the bereaved family's memorial service. I will do it.

We will scatter the ashes of one spirit for 50,000 yen.

Tomb in Oiso Town


Precautions when searching

If you are looking for a grave in Oiso, do a thorough research before you buy it, more than when you bought your own home.

The reason why you should investigate more carefully than when you bought your own home is that you have had your own home for about 50 years.

However, a grave is a posthumous home where one's descendants will sleep for hundreds of years.

Therefore, the point is whether the temple or reien that purchases the grave can maintain the grave for the next hundreds of years.

If the temple or reien goes bankrupt, take the time to find a reliable temple or reien.


First of all, when looking for a grave, let's look at it from a "visiting position".



I can visit now, but I think that one day I will become an elderly person and it will be physically difficult to visit.

① Is there enough parking space?

② Is it close to the station?


③ Is the location condition easy to visit, such as barrier-free?


That is also important.

It is also important to be able to communicate properly with the manager (the priest if it is a temple).



Consider whether the price is worth it from various conditions.



As mentioned above, it is a shortcut to find a permanent memorial tomb that is good to check with your own feet and find a place that you are satisfied with.

The option of a permanent memorial service

For the Dan family, whose heirs have disappeared from ancient times, the temple has taken care of the tombs and memorial services for eternity.


Nowadays, the nuclear family and the declining birthrate are advancing, and the major premise that "graves are inherited from generation to generation" is about to collapse.



Also, an increasing number of people are thinking, "I don't want to put a burden on my child about the grave."


Against this background, the "Eternal Memorial Tomb" with modern elements has been completed.



Originally, the operation managers of temples and reiens take over the graves that children take over and manage the memorial services and graves on their behalf.



When you sign a contract for a permanent memorial tomb, you will have to pay for the permanent memorial service.



The cost varies from 100,000 yen to over 1 million yen depending on the temple or reien, but it is not bad because it is expensive and good because it is cheap.

From Oiso Station


A 5-minute walk to the permanent memorial tomb

1 minute walk from the sea

The grave where you can hear the sound of the waves

The permanent memorial tomb "Tensei Mausoleum" is a joint permanent memorial tomb that can be used across denominations and denominations.

The permanent memorial service payment at the Tensei Mausoleum is 100,000 yen.

It includes a permanent memorial service fee, management fee, burial memorial service, spring / autumn equinoctial week, Obon festival, and segaki memorial service.

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Oiso end of life

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