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Myorinji Temple

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Goshuin book

Myorinji original red stamp book

A red stamp book made by the chief priest of Myorin-ji, who is also a Buddhist priest, and opened at the main hall of Myorin-ji.


All the red stamps of Myorin-ji are stamped with the "Goshuin book opening stamp".


Myorinji Goshuincho is a made-to-order product.


It may take some time before delivery as it will be manufactured after ordering.


It is also possible to write the red stamp you ordered at the same time in this red stamp book.


Please let us know in the remarks when ordering.


Myorin-ji's red stamp book is different from general red stamp books, and it is a Buddhist tool with eyes opened (soul-filled) at the main hall of Myorin-ji like a sutra book or a past book.


    Efforts of Myorinji Temple

    It is said that about one in seven children under the age of 17 living in Japan are in financial difficulty.

    The future of children is the future of Japan.

    It is the children of today who will support Japan in the future.

    Poverty should never close a child's future potential.

    Myorin-ji is for children who are having a hard time due to poverty, and for the sake of Japan in the future, donations will be made to the "Children's Future Support Fund " and children's cafeterias and other children's cafeterias. We will use it for the events of Myorin-ji Temple.




    Goshuin book


    Mortuary tablet


    Pet tablet


    Buddha statue


    Buddhist memorial service


    For monks

    Myorinji Online Awarding Center


    User Guide

    About the method of payment


    Payment can be made by credit card (VISA / Master / JCB / AMEX / Diners / (Apple Pay)), convenience store payment (FamilyMart, Lawson, Ministop, Daily Yamazaki, Seiko Mart), Paige, and bank transfer. * Customers are responsible for the settlement fee.

    * In consideration of security, SSL (data encryption technology) is used for credit card payment processing.

    About your order

    We accept online orders 24 hours a day.

    For inquiries to Myorin-ji, please contact us during the following times.

    Regular holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

    Online award office business hours AM9: 00-PM5: 00

    Orders and inquiries on regular holidays will be dealt with sequentially on the next business day.


    Please understand.

    Regarding delivery


    * Free shipping over 5,000 yen

    Please note that you cannot specify the delivery company. We do not deliver to foreign countries.

    [Timing of product shipment]

    Depending on the gift, it may take some time to open the eyes at the main hall of Myorinji Temple. Made-to-order Buddhist implements can take from one month to a year. If you purchase both in-stock items and made-to-order items at the same time, we will ship the in-stock items together with the made-to-order items.

    Therefore, if you are in a hurry, please order the in-stock item and the made-to-order item separately. In-stock items will be shipped within 1-3 weeks after confirming your order.

    About returns

    [Returns due to customer convenience]

    We will only accept returns of unopened and unused items if you contact us by email within one week of arrival.


    Items such as Buddhist statues and Buddhist implements that have been opened for the customer, items that have been written directly on the red stamp book, items that have been taken out of the packing bag even once, and items that are convenient for the customer (different from what was expected, different image, etc.) We will not accept any returns due to (reason).

    Customers are responsible for the shipping costs for returned goods.


    We will transfer the returned product to the specified account within one week after confirming the arrival of the returned product.

    [Return contact information]

    Phone number 0463-61-0749

    Return address 1582 Oiso, Oiso-machi, Naka-gun, Kanagawa 255-0003


    [Myorin-ji Online Awarding Center]



    1582 Oiso, Oiso Town, Naka District, Kanagawa Prefecture
    TEL: 0463-61-0749 FAX: 0463-61-8899

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    Business hours (Monday-Friday 9: 00-17: 00 Regular holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

    User Guide

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