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Goshuin book

Myorinji original red stamp book

A red stamp book made by the chief priest of Myorin-ji, who is also a Buddhist priest, and opened at the main hall of Myorin-ji.


All the red stamps of Myorin-ji are stamped with the "Goshuin book opening stamp".


Myorinji Goshuincho is a made-to-order product.


It may take some time before delivery as it will be manufactured after ordering.


It is also possible to write the red stamp you ordered at the same time in this red stamp book.


Please let us know in the remarks when ordering.


Myorin-ji's red stamp book is different from general red stamp books, and it is a Buddhist tool with eyes opened (soul-filled) at the main hall of Myorin-ji like a sutra book or a past book.