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What is Myorinji Official Ambassador?


Those who send out about the splendor of Buddhism on SNS etc.

Those who came to visit Myorin-ji Temple with a red stamp etc.

Those who participated in events such as copying sutras at Myorin-ji Temple

Those who support the activities of Myorin-ji Temple

Those who fall under the above and wish to do so will be certified as "Myorin-ji Official Ambassadors"!

There are no membership fees or solicitations, and you can withdraw at any time, so feel free to apply.

Myorinji Official Ambassador

Activity content


Please spread the splendor of not only Myorin-ji but also temples and Buddhism in your specialty! That's it!

If you have posted about Buddhism, temples, and Myorin-ji on SNS, you are already a great Myorin-ji ambassador!

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Myorinji Official Ambassador



Free guidance on temple yoga and gymnastics classes at Myorinji Temple


Myorinji Ambassador Limited Myorinji Event Invitation


Myorinji Ambassador Limited Red Stamp Reservation Form

Information to the member site of "Myorinji Online Awarding Center"

Awarding "Premium Goshuin " limited to Myorinji Ambassadors

Free initial treatment for ambassadors at Myorinji Osteopathic Institute

Lots of other

Myorinji Official Ambassador

member ID

The Myorin-ji Ambassador's membership card is not a card, but a "member's red stamp" that will be written directly on your red stamp book. ,

We will give you a "Membership Red Stamp" that includes your membership number.

If you do not have a red stamp book and wish to have a member red stamp, we will award it in writing.

If you would like a "Membership Red Stamp", please order from the "Membership Site" in the "Myorinji Online Awarding Center".

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Myorinji Official Ambassador



Myorinji Ambassador

We will appoint those who support temples, Buddhism, and Myorin-ji.

Myorinji Chief Ambassador

We will appoint those who are actively active in the "Myorinji Ambassador".

Myorinji Executive Ambassador

We will appoint a person who is actively active in the "Myorinji Chief Ambassador" and is demonstrating leadership.


What kind of activity is Myorin-ji?


The priest who grew up in the United States is engaged in various activities beyond the framework of temples not only in Japan but all over the world.

Revitalization of temples around the world!
With the accelerating departure of temples around the world, we are doing global activities to revitalize temples around the world! Don't lose this wonderful culture that has been around for 2,500 years!

Supporting children who are having a hard time!

Children who are weeping will never be relieved! The future of children is the future of Japan. Myorin-ji is working hard every day to support as many children as possible who are having a hard time.

Genderless in the Buddhist world!

Men's Dharma names are ◯◯ Shinshi and householders, women are ◯◯ Shinjo and Daishimachi, and homosexual Buddhist ceremonies are not accepted ... This is the current state of Buddhism in Japan. The wonderful world of Buddhism should be even better when it comes to genderlessness!

Buddhism cures the mind and body!

The best medicine that the chief priest, who is an active medical worker, aims for is [Buddhism x Medical Road]! At Myorin-ji, we are raising monks who can heal people so that there are more temples that can heal not only the spirit but also the body.

Product development and event planning

In recent years, the number of temples that have been abandoned due to financial difficulties due to the small number of Danya and worshipers has increased. At Myorin-ji, we support such difficult temples with various epoch-making ideas.

In fact, Myorinji is a school!

Myorin-ji is a school that not only teaches Buddhism to worshipers, but also raises monks and medical staff. It provides a place for learning not only in Japan but also around the world, worshipers, monks and medical professionals.

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