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What is your guardian deity?

Buddhist gods are full of experts! ??

In general, "God" is an almighty being who can do anything.

However, the Buddhist gods of heaven (the various gods who protect those who believe in Buddhism) are not almighty, but a group of "experts" with various fields of expertise.

It's like a human being, even though he's a god, he has strengths and weaknesses.

By knowing the Buddhist gods of heaven, you will surely find gods of heaven who will solve your worries or who will protect you from your own difficulties.

If there is a god who will be your guardian deity among the red stamps given by Myorin-ji, I think that the red stamp will be like a "talisman" that protects you.


"Leave it to the game!"

~ Bishamonten ~

Bishamonten, who is also one of the four heavenly kings, is also one of the Seven Lucky Gods. Originally born in India as a god of wealth, it is strongly influenced by China and is believed to be profitable in the game after the Edo period. It is a famous story that Kenshin Uesugi, a warlord of the Warring States, worshiped Bishamonten as a guardian deity.


Bishamonten will be a reassuring guardian deity for those who want to try something new and who live in a world of victory and defeat.


"I'll burn that worldly desires!"

~ Karura King ~

Garuda, a sacred bird that eats evil dragons, is a god incorporated into Buddhism. "Karura" is a god who eats the "three poisons" that are annoying to humans. The gold flame "Karura Flame" burns out the anxieties of human beings such as "anger, envy, and desire".


Karura is a reassuring guardian deity for those who are vulnerable to temptation and those who have a weak will.


"Leave it to art and entertainment"

~ Benzaiten ~

Benzaiten, a Hindu god who is a goddess of art, entertainment, music, and scholarship, has been incorporated into Buddhism and is also known as one of the Seven Lucky Gods. The appearance of playing the biwa is exactly the god who seems to give the virtues of art.

It will be a reassuring guardian deity for those who are aiming to become artists such as art, entertainment and music, or those who have already done so.


"Kids will definitely protect!"

~ Kishimojin ~

Although he was a demon that eats human children, he learned that it was hard for him to hide his own child and lose his child, and after being advised by him, he became a god who protects his children and mother. In the Nichiren sect, the demon mother god is also a prayer principal image and a god with very powerful power.

It is a reassuring guardian deity for children, parents with sick children, and pregnant people.


"I'm listening to the voice of sorrow."

~ Kannon Bodhisattva ~

If you are always watching people and have a voice of salvation, the Kannon Bodhisattva will come into various forms and come to salvation in a blink of an eye. The Lotus Sutra's "Kannon Sutra" tells us that if you believe in the Kannon Bodhisattva and think "Kannon power" in your heart when you are in various predicaments, Kannon will come to help you.

It will be a reassuring guardian deity for those who are having a hard time every day and those who need help.


"If it ’s a fortune, I ’m an eagle!"

~ Daikokuten ~

Daikokuten is a Buddhist incarnation of the Hindu destructive god Shiva. Daikokuten, who was originally a god of battle, has become a god of wealth by combining with the Okuninushi god that appears in Japanese mythology. It is also famous as one of the Seven Lucky Gods .


It will be a reassuring guardian deity for those who work with money and those who seek the good fortune of rising fortune.


"Give the good fortune of knowledge"

~ Hirometen ~

Hirometen, who is also one of the four heavenly kings, is a god with a scroll and a brush. The four heavenly kings have weapons and protect Buddhism, but Hirometen is a rare god who protects Buddhism with "knowledge" by scrolls and brushes instead of weapons.

It will be a reassuring guardian deity for students, examinees, those who want to improve their knowledge, and those who seek the virtues of academic achievement.


"I won't let you touch even one finger"

~ Fudo Myoo ~

Fudo Myoo, whose roots are the meanings of "immovable" and "guardian," is one of the gods who are strongly worshiped especially in Japan. It protects people who believe in Buddhism and Buddhism in the form of anger, as well as the "immovable sleep paralysis" that binds evil with a sword in their hands.

Fudo Myoo will be a reassuring guardian deity for those who want to protect themselves from disasters and those who are worried about a difficult year.


"Prosperous business! Thousands of customers!"

~ Kumaou Inari ~

Buddhist Inari is a combination of the Indian god "Dakini" and the Japanese "Inari", and is called the "Top Bodhisattva" in the Nichiren sect. With mercy, he will give you many benefits such as good harvest, prosperous business, and good luck.

InariIt will be a reassuring guardian deity for those who are in business or who are farming.


"Believe in the power of love"

~ Aizen Meio ~

"Aizen Myo" is an Indian god and is "Raga Raja" which means "Red King". He is a god who has the power to turn "lust", which is said to be one of the worldly desires in Buddhism, into enlightenment and lead him to the state of enlightenment.

Myo Aizen will be a reassuring guardian deity for those seeking the benefits of marriage, fulfillment of romance, and harmonious marriage.


"Guardian deity that protects the sea"

~ Eight Great Dragon Kings ~

The eight kings of the dragon tribe who protect the Buddhist law that appears in the Lotus Sutra. I have a jewel that will make my wish come true. Since it is also worshiped as a water god, it is often enshrined in the water of temples.

It will be a reassuring guardian deity for those who work related to "water" and those who like the sea.


"One team of God"

~ Sanmen Daikokuten ~

Daikokuten, Bishamonten, and Benzaiten, which are also known as the three deities of the Seven Lucky Gods, are gathered together. The three-sided Daikokuten statue, which was the guardian deity of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and was cherished throughout his life, is also known as the god who led Hideyoshi to the world.


It will be a reassuring guardian deity for those who are aiming for the top and those who want to take the lead.


"Innumerable vows of worldly desires"

~ Jyogyo Bodhisattva ~

One of the four Bodhisattvas, the Jyogyo Bodhisattva who erases the anxieties as if to wash and clean the dirt. It is said that there is a benefit to improve the physical condition by praying for physical health while polishing the ascending Bodhisattva statue of "Jyogyo-do" in Myorin-ji with a scrubbing brush .

It will be a reassuring guardian deity for those who are physically ill and who are seeking physical health and healing of illness.


"I will protect the justice of this world"

~ Ashura King ~

Originally a good god with a sense of justice, King Ashura was treated like an evil god because of an excessive sense of justice. He became aware of his weaknesses through Buddhist preaching and became one of the gods called the Eight Legions who kept Buddhism and Buddhism.

It will be a reassuring guardian deity for those who want to work for justice and those who are doing work related to justice.


"How can I save ..."

~ Maitreya Bodhisattva ~

Maitreya Bodhisattva, who became a Buddha 5,670 million years after the death of Buddha, is said to rescue those who were not saved by Buddha's teachings. I'm always thinking about how I can save people.


It will be a reassuring guardian deity for those who want to help people and medical professionals.


"Save from suffering"

~ Jizo Bodhisattva ~

Jizo Bodhisattva is said to have been entrusted by Buddha to rescue sentient beings while the Buddha was absent. It is the most famous Bodhisattva in Japan and is often called "Jizo-san". It is said to have the benefit of acting as a substitute and saving you from suffering.


It will be a reassuring guardian deity for those who want to save people from suffering and those who are volunteering.

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