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VR Myorinji Temple


~ VR Myorinji Temple ~

Wearing VR goggles covers the 360 ° field of view, giving you the feeling of being immersed in a world that is as close to reality as possible.

By experiencing "VR Myorinji Temple" using VR goggles, you can experience as if you were at Myorinji Temple, wherever you are in the world.

With "VR Myorinji Temple", you can worship at Myorinji Temple in virtual reality, meditate in the main hall in Myorinji Temple, do rituals, and experience as a priest.


~ Ways to experience VR ~

~ VR devices like "Oculus" and "PS VR" ~


You can experience VR by playing the video on this page with VR goggles, displaying it in "full screen", and then displaying it in "VR 360".

~ A smartphone with the YOUTUBE app installed ~


① VR goggles for smartphones are required.


② Install the "YOUTUBE app" on your smartphone.


③ Search for "VR Myorinji" in the "YOUTUBE app".


④ Play the video of "VR Myorinji" on the "YOUTUBE app" and tap the VR goggles mark.


⑤ When the screen is divided into two, it is in VR mode, so attach your smartphone to the VR goggles.


~ VR Kito blessing ~

You can get "Online VR Kito Blessing" of Myorin-ji Temple in VR.

Unlike ordinary online blessing and prayers, you can experience as if you were receiving a blessing or prayer inside the main hall of Myorinji Temple.

This is a VR memorial service for those who cannot come to
  Myorin-ji Temple for various reasons and who want to receive a memorial service / Kito blessing at Myorin-ji Temple.


~ VR Movies ~

Visiting to Myorinji Temple

VR meditation at Myorinji Temple

VR Shodai-gyo training at Myorinji Temple

VR Midnight Shodai-gyo training

~ VR Head priest of the Myorinji Temple

~ VR Higan ceremony ~

VR Temple series

~ VR Saijo Inari in Okayama Japan ~

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