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Oiso Town Red Stamp Map

Oiso Goshuin Map

Oiso Town is a "Teramachi" with many temples.

There are 8 temples within walking distance from Oiso station, and you can visit 8 temples in about an hour if you go around the Goshuin map street.


① Myodaiji Temple (Nichiren Sect) 19 Higashikoiso, Oiso Town

It is known for the tomb of Jun Matsumoto, who opened the Oiso beach.


Tokoin (Shingon Buddhism) 1525 Oiso, Oiso Town

There is a free space "UMICHIKA TERRACE" under the main hall that anyone can use.


Myorinji Temple (Nichiren Sect) 1582 Oiso, Oiso Town

It is a "temple where you can feel good" where you can do yoga and other gymnastics in the main hall and there is an osteopathic clinic in the precincts.


⑤ Jifukuji Temple (Shingon Buddhism) 1135 Oiso, Oiso Town

The tombstone of Mr. and Mrs. Toson Shimazaki, a literary master, is built surrounded by about 20 old plum trees that are 100 to 200 years old.


Endai- ji Temple (Nichiren Sect) 1054 Oiso, Oiso Town

It is a temple opened by Tora Gozen, a master of dance, who was tied to the Soga brothers' brother, Yusei Juro.


⑦ Daiunji Temple (Jodo Sect) 1004 Oiso, Oiso Town

It is known as the sleeping temple of Nobuyuki Nakajima, who was the chairman of the House of Representatives, and Yukihiko Yasuda.


⑧ Yokokuji Temple (Tendai Sect) 910 Oiso, Oiso Town

The statue of the wooden pharmacist Nyorai, which is designated as a cultural property of Oiso Town, is enshrined.


I want to stop by while visiting Oiso Goshuin

Recommended spots for priests

1153 Oiso, Oiso-cho, Oiso-tei

A cake shop in the middle of Myodaiji from Oiso station.

Even the priest who is not good at apple pie loves this apple pie.


1289 Oiso, Oiso-cho, Oiso-an

It is a haiku dojo where you can feel the history.

Along with Rakushisha in Kyoto and Mumyoan in Shiga, it is considered to be one of the three major haiku dojos in Japan.


Birthplace monument of Shonan

A monument of the birthplace of Shonan near Kotatean.

Oiso Town is said to be the birthplace of "Shonan".


Inoue Gamo Store Oiso Town Oiso 1306

Kamaboko shop loved by the late Shigeru Yoshida who was active as Prime Minister.

Speaking of Oiso, it is "Inokama".


Shinbuchi Confectionery Store 1107 Oiso, Oiso Town

It is a Japanese sweets shop loved by Toson Shimazaki and Shigeru Yoshida, which has been around since 1884.

Speaking of Oiso, it is Shinbuchi's "Saigyo Manju".


Atago Shrine

It is a small shrine on the hill behind Shinbuchi.

On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji beautifully from here.


Massaman Thai Kitchen 1045-6 Oiso, Oiso Town

A small Thai restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Thai food.

This green curry is the most delicious in the world.


Bakery Pannokura Oiso Town Oiso 995-13

A bakery in the back alley near Yangtani Temple.

Basically anything is delicious.

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