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Individual online prayers


Individual online prayers

For those who want to pray for physical health and family safety, but cannot come to Myorin-ji for various reasons, Myorin-ji offers individual online prayers.

If you have a smartphone, a computer, and an internet environment, you can receive the prayers of Myorin-ji anytime anywhere in the world.

Myorin-ji prayers can be used by anyone, regardless of denomination.

There are two ways to pray online at Myorinji Temple.

(1) Real-time delivery: Online legal affairs will be delivered live from the specified time. Even if you miss the live stream, you can watch the video on the homepage for a week if you request.

(2) On-demand distribution: You can watch the video of the legal affairs posted on the Internet at any time for one week after the legal affairs.

The online Buddhist memorial service of Myorin-ji will be delivered on the website with a password.

Example of request

Family safety Physical health Healing this illness Child treasure prayer

Disaster Elimination Good luck Blessing Business prosperity Company luck Takamasa

Family business prosperity wish fulfillment good marriage fulfillment academic achievement fulfillment

Pray for success Pray for safe delivery Pray for apotropaic magic Traffic safety

Travel safety Mizuko kuyo ancestor memorial animal memorial

Online prayer flow

Please make a reservation for online prayer at "Myorinji Online Awarding Center". If you need an amulet, please order an amulet at the same time.

(2) We will inform you of the password for the dedicated website by the scheduled date of the online legal affairs, so please access the "online legal affairs dedicated page (password required)" on the online legal affairs dedicated page.


In the case of real-time litigation, please access the address when it is time for the litigation. On-demand legal affairs are always accessible.

③ In the case of real-time legal affairs, please contact us if you cannot watch the live stream even at the time of the legal affairs.

④ If you have ordered an amulet after the online law, we will send you the amulet you prayed for.




"No matter what I do, it doesn't work"


"I'm worried about relationships"


"Bad relationship" may be the cause

In Buddhism, " marriage " is the most important thing.

However, sometimes and in some cases, this " edge " becomes an " obstacle " (touch) and can hurt people.

The "bad ties " of living and dead spirits that are your " obstacle ".


Secret strange "divorce prayer" of Myowatera seven hundred years cut off the "evil destiny" invisible to the eye, is a prayer that can not be received only in Myowatera.


~ Online VR prayer ~

You can receive "online prayer" of Myorinji Temple in VR.

Unlike ordinary online prayers, VR allows you to experience as if you were receiving a prayer inside the main hall of Myorin-ji Temple.

This is a VR memorial service for those who cannot come to the main hall of Myorin-ji Temple for various reasons and who want to receive a prayer at Myorin-ji Temple.

Online prayer dedicated page

If you have made a reservation for online prayer and have a password, please access the designated pages "①", "②" and "③" at the designated time.

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