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Myorinji Records

"Buddhist liturgy" Nichiren sect Everyday maiden

Kumazawa Tatsuki

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A collection of daily work that records the daily work of the Nichiren sect.


1 Solicitation

2 Kaikei

3 Myoho Lotus Sutra Upaya No. 2

4 Myoho Lotus Sutra Devadatta Twelfth (Kanbun)

5 Myoho Lotus Sutra Nyorai Jujutsuhin 16th

6 Myoho Lotus Sutra Nyorai Shinryoku 21 (Kanbun)

7 Mysterious Journey

8 chanting

9 Hoto

10 Transfer of merit

11 Buddhist liturgy

Nichiren Sect's daily prayer.

1 Invocation

2 Verses for opening the sutra

3 Chapter II --Hoben Pon

4 Chapter XII --Daibadatta Hon

5 Chapter XVI --Nyorai Juryo Hon

6 Chapter XXI --Nyorai Jinriki Hon

7 Kanjin Honzon Shou

8 Chanting Odaimoku

9 Hotoge

10 Transfer of merit

11 Gongyo


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