Myorin-ji Temple red stamp

Before the award

Please be sure to read it

If you would like to write directly on the stamp book, please make a reservation using the reservation form (we do not respond by email or phone).

Even if you make a reservation, we may not be able to respond directly due to legal affairs. In such a case, we will keep your stamp book and mail it in a letter pack at a later date. Please note that we may not be able to contact you in advance in the case of sudden legal affairs such as a funeral.


If you do not make a reservation, we will give you a written red stamp.

Reception hours for writing award : 9:00 to 17:00 (It may not be possible depending on legal affairs)

All the red stamps of Myorin-ji are handwritten by the chief priest of Myorin-ji. Because it is handwritten, sometimes you may make a mistake or you may not be able to write well. Even if I make a mistake, I write it only for those who take it as "taste" . I will not write it to those who think that "the stamp book has been polluted" or "written by mistake".

-The red stamp of Myorin-ji is "training"-

Goshuin is one of the "training" of Buddhists.

The temple will award a red stamp as a proof to the Buddhists who practiced it.

Therefore, the red stamp can only be given to each person per day in one red stamp book for each visit.


* The title and red stamp are not stamp rallies. After worshiping with a firm faith, it will be awarded as a proof.

* At this mountain, the Myorin-ji temple stamp is awarded as a "proof of worship." We do not worship or give on behalf of others.


* Reservations can only be made by one person.

* Since the Buddhist paintings of the Goshuin of Myorin-ji are "solidly painted" with ink, the ink may stain the back of the paper. Therefore, we do not write directly on the red stamp book that is written on both sides. We will write it on a separate sheet and award it.

* We do not write on gold or black paper.