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Temple gacha


Myorinji Temple Gacha

What is lacking in the current temple is the feeling of the people who worshiped, "I enjoyed coming to the temple!"

Entertainment may not be necessary at the temple, but Myorin-ji believes that the smiles of the people who come to the temple are the best memorial service for their ancestors.

For this reason, Myorin-ji is an "Enjoy Temple Project" so that the Danish believers and those who come to worship can feel "I came to visit the grave but it was fun!" And "I came to worship but it was fun!" I launched it.

As part of the "Enjoy Temple Project" at Myorin-ji Temple, we are preparing various goods prayed at Myorin-ji Temple with "Gacha Gacha".

The contents of Myorin-ji's Gacha Gacha "Temple Gacha" will change in 1 to 2 months.

There are two types of "temple gacha" at Myorin-ji.

Normal title


Offer money


It is in front of the main hall.

It mainly contains fortune-telling and amulets prayed at Myorin-ji Temple.

Use special coins instead of coins.

Dedicated coins are installed in the Gacha Gacha, so feel free to use them.

Please give me a donation.

* Saisen Gacha Gacha is limited to once per person per visit.


Usually Gacha Gacha


It is near the well.

It mainly contains Buddhist implements such as Buddhist statues of various gods prayed at Myorin-ji Temple.

You will need one 500-yen coin.


You can exchange money at the reception.

The contents will change in 1 to 2 months, so please drop in when you visit.


Most things will end as soon as they are gone.


Temple gacha that is no longer needed


If you don't need the old temple gacha, please bring it to the "Burning Box" at Myorin-ji Temple.

Even though it is a gacha-gacha, it is a magnificent "Buddha tool" that opened its eyes and prayed at the main hall of Myorin-ji Temple.

Myorin-ji will take responsibility for the fire and memorial service until the end.


The "Burning Box" is located next to the Saisen Gacha Gacha.

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